Iran, which has hosted Afghan refugees for decades, is now facing new arrivals from Afghanistan. I visited a site in Sistan and Baluchistan being built with UNHCR’s help to receive some of them. Iran needs more support for all the Afghans it hosts, including long-term refugees.

Dec 18, 2021 · 5:37 PM UTC

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Si potrebbe anche usare come leva per abbassare le loro pretese in termini di nucleare. Sarebbe un’interessante proposta.
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I am sorry that I still cannot click "like" to your writing, but I can to your photos and you, who works hard despite the weekend to make the meeting, that may start earlier this week, more fruitful🥲
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Thanks to Iran 🇮🇷 for its contribution to the world, although the Iranian nuclear negotiations have not yet reached the goal of stability, 👍🌷
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The Provisional Taliban Government needs rescue! !
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So why they start some scheduled scheme to return even displaced afghan ethic minorities .