Thank you for visiting UNHCR, @AnneBeathe_ Tvinnereim — we greatly appreciate our long-standing, strong partnership with Norway 🇳🇴 and look forward to working with you and your team on finding solutions to those displaced by conflicts and crises.

Jan 19, 2022 · 10:46 AM UTC

Bravo Anne! Let me emphasize that promotion of self reliance, economic inclusion and inclusion of refugees in national systems will revolutionise the approach. It is a game changer.
I hope you did not forget poor Afghan refugees who have been protesting for 4 months in Indonesia just to get their basic human right which is a normal life. Sadly the police of Indonesia beat us deadly under your eyes but you just watched us. #HelpRefugees_Indonesia
It's really sad that refugees in Indonesia are suffering from 10 years and your still silent .
I could see the picture of you taken with a visitor for the first time in a while. It made me smile💐👒☺️☺️🎩💐 May the work with Norway bring smiles and hopes to many, too!
Hi sir my name is ajmal imaan from Afghanistan as you know the situation of Afghanistan is worse in these days we are at serious risk in here no job no humanity just revenge that the taliban are wanting fallowing they don’t care of human right just revenge my life is in danger
I have been work with Australian company supreme global service solutions as a fuel driver and fuel operator in order to serve ISAF/NATO and American I have all my documents with me now I’m hidden my self at home if the fine my location the well kill me please help me out the
I couldn’t reached the UNHCR in Afghanistan I tried to contact but I’m field even I send an email to but yet I don’t get response from them I can’t life free here please show me away to register my self in any humanitarian visa
I really need to find away to feel save with my family because of my old job as I worked with Australian campaign supreme global service solutions as fuel driver and fuel operator in order to serve ISAF and NATO
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I think that I saw the tie for the first time👔 You wore black which I had rarely seen. Everything suits you🥰
The refugees in Indonesia,from the beginning of our trip for seeking asylum and save lives,takes time entire our lives, that is along long period of time.but unfortunately some of our friends could not terminate to their trips&Losing their lives halfway.#HelpRefugees_lndonesia