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Feed your lion today. Never let anyone take from that.
TL fire this am GM you animals!! ❤️
Love a good Tony Stonk tweet TY. GM.
$AMC will outlive all of its detractors. Your children will sit in the big screen temples that we (YOU) helped secure. Despite technological advances along the way, the communal cutting edge theatrical experience, will never die. Long live the movies. 🎬🍿 Long live $AMC 💎🙌
She barefoot? God bless this country 🤣😎
Everyone loves to see a pussy riding a cock! 😂🤣😂
Why did the chicken cross the road? #chicken #cat #kitten
GM Fellow GM'rs!! 🙌🏼😎
Gm to the Gm Cult ☀️😎☀️ My mind on a Tuesday 🤯
Feed your lion today. Never let anyone take from that.
Take them to church, @CEOAdam We are fighters. We won't back down.
Many of you, and we, are aware that AMC Entertainment has been on “The Threshold List” for 3+ weeks, indicating a number of FTD’s. Some of you may be pleased to learn that we have contacted both FINRA and the NYSE asking that they both look closely at the trading of our stock.
@thenewsjunkie⁩ Thoughts?
Chinese spy balloon over Montana, the United States. (Source: KSVI-TV)
1 New day. New Dog. Unrelenting optimism.
Huh. 🤔
SEC Rule 10b-21 = Naked Short Selling is illegal. FINRA Rule 203(b) = But its OK if brokers think they can 'reasonably' find a stock to buy after they sell it. OFFICER "Why did you steal & sell this car?" CRIMINAL "Coz I have a reasonable belief I'll buy it in the future" OK then
Perseverance: Feeding your lion whatever you have left.
I am a literal Lion. Hear me roar!
It’s a FACT #AMC
#AMC #AMCAPES JamesCameron said it himself “Theaters are back, enough with this streaming thing”
First taste of real food… BANANAS!! True #APE