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Father of 2. Will follow back until you: 1) DM to scam for money 2) Ask for or send nudes 3) proposition 4) Support Trump or GOP 5) Hate on minorities, ✡️, or🚺

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I would watch the hell out of @nbcsnl spoof #MarioKart if @hbomax made it. Who is with me?
This is a load of BS! The role of the actor is to follow directions and create the most authentic and realistic moment for the audience. This is not his expertise, it is the prop master's. Alec Baldwin Will Be Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter in…
Fun little photo collage of metrodome-construction-US Bank Stadium, all with rainbows. This was the benefit of living in a downtown condo. #Skol #metrodome #usbank #Minneapolis #rainbow
This one got me! 🤣😂🤣
In case you were wondering what it was like to live in Minnesota, right now! At least it won't snow for the next 10 days, as there is no where left to put it, and after dig out the most recent 4 foot plow wall, I don't have the arm strength to face it.
I am feeling like the only way to truly measure the amount of snowfall in MN is in the amount of arm pain from shoveling. Today, and yesterday's ranks inner shoulder to forearm throbbing tightness, and a small kink in the back.
I am living that this quest for Speaker of the House is when these Republican putzes, finally aren't voting together! I am happy to watch this impasse for the next 2+ years!
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Does he have ANY sense of duty?
Anyone else receiving 3-4 follows a day from women with live camera kind of websites? Definitely increased since Elon Musk-y took over. #yuck
I feel like the film, Violent Noght, was created in defense of those who agree that Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Try to deny this awesomely campy (and violent) entertaining film from the Chrostmas movie catalog! Fun watch! #ViolentNight #davidharbour
At least our Vikings are well-rounded! We will let them get big yards with a soft defense, Touchdowns on blocked punts, and fumble recoveries when we are on offense! Tis the season of giving, after all! #SKOL
Block this disgusting, vile human!
PICKLES ALERT: This one is serious people. This user has been harassing women with unsolicited pics of genatalia, declarations of love and denials of all of that for quite some time. Now he is gaslighting people who question him. (We have proof) Please block him and retweet.
Stupid-cheap-ass, @Twins! Your fans are tired of getting our hopes up and are sick of the "We made a great offer" excuse. Make a sustainable splash, or quite asking for things like New Stadiums!
The fact that it is so close in Georgia is embarrassing to our whole nation!
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December 6th is here It's time to #VoteBlue for Senator Raphael Warnock He works hard for Georgia middle-class workers & families, and our Nation! We have 50 Democratic Senators BUT WE'RE NOT DONE UNTIL WE GET 51!! #wtpBLUE
In the world of #kanyewest #donaldtrump #elonmusk and #mtg, I fear that #mikejudge's film #idiocracy will be viewed as a prophetic documentary! Damn, people are stupid as hell!
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Don’t say Hanukkah in DeSantis’s free Florida
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