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#AEWDynamite wow, the guy spinning the pizza dough is a new level of embarrassing, and I thought we've seen it all on Dynamite
#WWERAW Edge returns and puts to rest the theories that he was going to be the white rabbit
I want everyone to know that White Rabbit was recorded in 1967 by Jefferson Airplane, Grace Slick has amazing vocals and the song is about a drug trip, the lyrics are date myself, I was 2 when this song came out!
So went to YouTube music to play the song, 2nd song that came up was Status Quo, Pictures of Matchstick Men, now there's a 1-2 punch!
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Every single person that has tweeted about the Jerry Lawler comments on Bianca, is exactly why WWE put this clip up, it gets Bianca more over with the fans! And Lawler is the heel..Wrestling 101 folks
It's now up to Tony to decide which direction AEW goes, it's a business that's here to make money and have success. Punk, Mox, Jericho, etc., have all been there and done it. Take advice, follow that veteran group and make some $$
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#NXTWorldsCollide a Cody now we're going to get the Cody clock during Raw and Smackdown?
#NXTWorldsCollide I'm thinking WWE's having some production troubles..there's alot of filler happening here
#WWECastle this crowd may just riot if Drew loses!
Noticed 1 thing while watching the Little League World Series, there seems to be alot of pouting and tears when a mistake is made. It's a error and we all make them in everyday life
#BillsMafia why is Buffalo a great place? Ask Jim Kelly (who when drafted by Buffalo, hated it). COMMUNITY is the word
#INDvsBUF ok, I'm taking back my praise of Case Keenum, that pass was terrible, pretty sure I could've intercepted that throw, preseason football is a tough watch
#INDvsBUF having said that I thought Keenum was a good acquisition, I'm glad we have Josh Allen as our starter, he goes down we're screwed
#INDvsBUF when did the wave start in football stadiums?? 1980 something, and it's still being done in 2022
#INDvsBUF I didn't realize that the Bills had acquired Case Keenum. I thought we had no backup quarterback, sneaky good move
So watching the Utah v Nevada game, imo these kids deserve better umpires. Plenty of mistakes and obvious ones at that
Sometimes I hate Twitter..Jim Kelly trending scared the crap out of me
I'm gonna take a bit of a different stand, it seems to me that Page is diminished while being involved with the Dark Order
I need someone to do the research, how many people were hit in the WWE by Jeff Jarrett with the guitar shot?? I want numbers @RealJeffJarrett