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Go burn sea. I am here to liberate some minds.

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This wahala eh 😂😂😂
David Entertainer
First Atlantic Bank. The girl say the managers Dey play the employees gala. Herh hard. If any private investors are seeing this, they should go to Kotoka Int. Airport, things are happening there paaa.
First Atlantic Bank. In Ghana here ladies see guys who are hustling to make money as “Persons living with disability”. They’ll rather go in for married men than to find a man and hustle with him.
The Chiana girls should come for their stone.
DDEP but stupid Ghanaian youth WKHKYD.
People are stealing Covid money . The youth is doing WKHKYD. Herh chale . Any adult has every right to diss the youth in this country Ghana.
Stir it up . 808 bass drums for reggae. I dunno 🤷🏾‍♂️. Sound like that fade easily in the ears but hey kudos for the job.
The Black Galaxies are playing imaginary Football. In their minds they have given a good pass but in reality, Sankwas
Chale there is a statue playing for the Black Galaxies. That guy must me 50 years. I think he is striking. Herh.
Ban this sport .
Yooo... Dana White really just created the most Savage sport since the Gladiator days... 😮
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Bob Marley kmt Asamaido come feature Sarkodie.
Sarkodie go do gbonyo music. They go release am on Friday.
2021 someone was calling me B 2022 someone was calling me baby 2023 someone is calling me Pappi. Don’t want this to be a was
The world needs factory settings.
he pulled a gun on his teacher 😮😮
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We don't joke with our angwamo. #biggie #Sheldon #Ghanaian #Bawumia #CitiCBS
Maybe I should forgive this girl and move on with my life.
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Disgraceful! I’ve spoken my mind.
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#MadGha that is a soft penalty.
Nigerian Player, Sikiru Olatubosun scores an incredible goal for MFM FC against Enugu Rangers in the Nigerian League. The goal was named as CNN Goal of the Week in March 2017.