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ABBA's son, Jesus Lover, Counselor

Joined February 2021
Spend time with people who will be healing to you. Fight for relationships worth fighting for. Be a safe place, practice vulnerability & honor boundary. All these are ingredients towards growth, maturity & deeper intimacy.
There is a tendency to unconsciously portray an image of an all good & perfect persona to the public where one has big ministry, financial riches & different successes, in which all comes from a need to be affirmed, to be belonged, TO BE LOVED. Be seen & be known, beloved.❤️
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You will know in your darkest hours those who really cares, or those who do it forda show and forda update. Period.
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Mama Xilhouete, prayer reveal naman po dyan. May kasamang tusok ng karayom kay Brigiding yata. Kimmy #Untucked #UntuckedPH #DragRacePhilippines #DragRacePH
EMPATHY is the MOST IMPORTANT LEADERSHIP SKILL, Why? Because it engages the Cognitive [critical thinking towards healthy pattern] & the Affective [emotional regulation & awareness] that opens the pathway to right action. EMPATHY influences the whole person to heal, grow & change.
VULNERABILITY means to be seen & to be known in the weakest and most shameful parts that shows REAL courage, strength & authenticity from within. Far very different from what the culture taught us of pretension, hiding & denial thru showing an image of just the "good parts."
There is a time to SPEAK. Even JESUS spoke against injustice & false representations in His time. Same now, someone has to stand for the TRUTH if the present & the future of the nation is at stake. I stand against all the FAKE NEWS being spread. Let's stop the LIES.🇵🇭🙏🏻❤️
It's easy to say to a struggler to "just move on," "stop thinking negatively," "be positive," & other seemingly motivating words w/out understanding where the suffering is coming from. It's EMPATHY + UNDERSTANDING + ASSURANCE that helps someone to heal and move forward.
We are taught to extend compassion to others as an act of love. But sometimes, we are so hard on ourselves that we forget that we need it as well. Even if others can't, SELF-COMPASSION is one of the best gift you can have for yourself, Beloved.
If anyone of you experience any kind of LOSS, IT IS OKAY TO GRIEVE, Beloved.
To all who are hurting alone, "Hindi ka nag-iisa...You don't have to hurt alone, beloved.🫂"
My heart goes out to all the young people who are looking for a reason to live. You are not alone, and there is hope, beloved.❤️
TRUST is the foundational ground for LOVE to thrive & grow. Once broken, all kinds of issues almost always stems from it. TRUST can be restored through a safe, genuine, real, empathic relationship. Beloved, CHOOSE WHOM YOU TRUST.❤️
Beloved, it's okay to forgive your "self". Self-compassion is like saying, "Self, today I forgive you. Self, I embrace you for your imperfections and mistakes. Self, I forgive you..."
Not even your hardest defeat and greatest failure could ever take away the TRUTH of who you are in CHRIST. He restores. He redeems. He rewrites our story into a beautiful tapestry of grace, Beloved.
ABBA Father believes in you! And His dreams for you is BIGGER than you can ever imagine...BIGGER than your greatest fears, BIGGER than your biggest mistakes, BIGGER than your darkest past & most painful heartaches. All for His glory! Beloved, GOD believes in you!