Statement issued by the Supreme Court public information office this morning, correcting how the original transcript rendered a Gorsuch quote.
To the "whatabout Gorsuch?" folks: Read the Sotomayor fact check and you will see that audio shows Gorsuch was misquoted in the transcript. So that's why he wasn't fact checked. He didn't say anything wrong. But Sotomayor did.…

Jan 10, 2022 · 3:56 PM UTC

Replying to @GlennKesslerWP
You have invested an extraordinary amount of time on this sentence.
He’s also gotten an extraordinary amount of blowback from people with hearing issues who swear up and down that they heard “of” when it didn’t exist. Now those people are silent…
Replying to @GlennKesslerWP
I wonder when @cmclymer will issue her correction on this to her large following? My guess is she won’t, which is disappointing.