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A bit fed up. If I’m following you, it’s probably more because I’m watching your car crash rather than agreeing with you

Joined May 2017
Going to plan so far!
BTW, this is my first TP. Will need to re-evaluate if/when it gets there. That's a big diagonal to get through from the 25k pivot. Could easily switch and continue down.
Still going to plan! Looking great so far.
Closed out fully at 20.5k. Expecting a retest and will re-enter from that.
Looks like I closed at the perfect time. Going to wait and see how PA develops here. Could very well have a bearish retest around 20.4k before going lower.
This is too good not to take. I'm in a small position at 50x. If it finally flips 25.2k no biggie - just means that the longs are going to start popping.
Went the whole way.
What a tit. Went to take 25% profit off my 50x BTC long. Accidentally took the full 100%. I hope it comes back to the breakout value before completing the full Bart.
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We're looking at a potential monthly evening star if $BTC drops to around 23.2k by the end of the week. Wouldn't be surprised to see a mahoosive drop in March/April if that's the case, maybe even below November monthly. Hope it's sunny coz the shorts will be coming out!
Of course if it manages to get back up over 25.2, there's not much stopping it until 30k.
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Hey @elonmusk, have you seen the Paul Pelosi footage yet? I’m sure he’ll be ready to accept your apology whenever you publicly give it.
My $EOS short went to target. Woo hoo! Merry Christmas! Am I too late to buy presents?
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Finally reached over $10m net worth 🔥 Started with 1 $BTC two years ago, got fully liquidated 3 times.. Time to build my mum the best house ever 💪 Feeling so fulfilled I will giveaway 25 $ETH to random anon who like, retweet and follow in 24h (not joking)!
Is it just me, or does everyone else stick a finger up their nose when La Marseillaise comes on? Surely you do @MichaelPalin10?
It seems the lettuce won.
Terrific show from @MrNishKumar tonight! Hilarious all the way through and now my face hurts. Thanks for that. I often don’t quite get the subtle nuances of the theme of shows, but this was unmistakeable… Eat Ham. I will, my friend, I will.
Waiting for @MrNishKumar. I’m sure he was doing The Bugle Live tonight. Hope he’s got his running pants on!
Just saw Eureka Day. Fantastic stuff from the whole cast. An emotional roller coaster - from 20 minutes of constant laughing to the poor woman sobbing in the audience, I hope she’s ok! @HelenHunt @Mark_DMcKinney