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.@repalgreen The 1835 Treaty of New Echota guaranteed @CherokeeNation the right to send a delegate to the U.S. Congress. It's time to honor that promise. I urge you to seat the Cherokee Nation鈥檚 delegate, Kim Teehee, in the U.S. House of Representatives. #CherokeeDelegate
Christmas 馃巹 at the White House.
The holidays have arrived!馃巹
Our First Lady presents 2022 Christmas at the White House.
For this year鈥檚 holidays at the White House, we hope to capture the spirit embodied in the very idea of America: We the People.
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Our beautiful Christmas White House. 馃巹馃巵馃巹馃巵馃巹馃巵馃巹馃巵
Deck the Halls! Today, @FLOTUS unveiled the 2022 White House holiday decorations.
Our White House ready for Christmas.
More photos of the White House 2022 馃巹
Mike Pence disqualified from being President.
Mike Pence utters 7 words that should disqualify him from ever holding public office again. Here's what they are. #JusticeMatters via @YouTube
My President, Joe Biden!! I'm rooting for this president.
Here鈥檚 a few President Biden accomplishments we鈥檙e thankful for this year:
Today, we鈥檙e thankful for a president who cares.
Oh, my God!! Blame the murdered victims for choosing to be at Club Q!! Where's her Karma?
.@JennaEllisEsq on the Club Q shooting. The 鈥減eople killed in the nightclub that night, there is no evidence/that they were Christians. Assuming they have not accepted the truth/affirmed Christ as the lord of their life they are now reaping the consequences of eternal damnation.鈥
Wow! Well, obviously, he's not physically well, but the hatred, I see is generational.
The Colorado shooter鈥檚 dad on finding out his son murdered people: 鈥淭hey started telling me about the incident, a shooting... And then I go on to find out it鈥檚 a gay bar. I got scared, 鈥楽hit, is he gay?鈥 And he鈥檚 not gay, so I said, phew鈥 I am a conservative Republican.鈥 (@CBS8)
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This article explains Texas politics with the usual dirty tricks in campaigning by the Texas GOP. #SheSurvived
Glory Hallelujah!!
Vanity Fair wins headline of the decade for sure. Yes, it's real. The subheading is not too shabby either: The message to Trump from the Murdoch-owned New York Post, Wall Street Journal, and Fox News is clear: Pack your bags, bitch. You鈥檙e done.
No one ready to call this race fully counted. 65,000 ballots still to be counted. @JamieforOregon #CD05
If you hear about The Oregonian call in the #OR05 race be aware that the @JamieforOregon has responded that they think the call is premature.
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