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#1 REALIST page to improve your life || Student of Wudan || I'm here to break YOU free.

Wudan Mountains
Joined July 2022
If you really want to improve as a man. DM me.
Super Heroes are real. They exist. If you aspire to live as anything else, unfollow me. Genuinely. I’m reaching out to the intelligent men who understand. There is a level of human existence that a very select few individuals get to experience.
Fun and danger are inexorably linked. The reason it’s fun, is because there is risk. If you want REAL fun. You take REAL risk. Jump out of planes. Climb Mount Everest. My life is exciting because it’s dangerous. Yours is boring because it isn’t.
Stay away from people that ruin your peace.
I don’t believe anything anymore. We are in the world of pure fake news. Even the videos. Who’s who? Nobody KNOWS. Civilians are pawns. They suffer. All narratives are a lie.
You’re desperate to constantly travel because you’re miserable. Rich enough to travel constantly but doesn’t? Happy person. Contentment isn’t a city you’re going to discover. If you’re genuinely proud of who you are and how you live - you have zero desire to forever wander.
Cardio is harder than strength training. All fighters dread cardio. Cardio is torture. And if you disagree. You’re not doing cardio like fighters do. Ever been too tired to even stand. Ever been so out of breath you can’t drive for an hour afterwards? Just lay. Dying?
A wise man can always be found alone. A weak man is always found in a crowd.
Most people can not handle the stress required to be rich. You want the money - like a lottery win. You don’t want the pressure work or responsibility that comes with it. If you could handle these elements, you’d adopt them instantly - and the money would appear.
Instagram is for the vain. Twitter is for phone addicts. I have a serious phone addiction. 5-7 hours a day of screentime. Insane. But I make a lot of money with it. Speak to a lot of hunnies with it. And twitter by far is the app with the QUICKEST NON STOP info.
In 99% of cases - people have exactly what they deserve. Pure relentless effort IN will ALWAYS equal results OUT. Youre not rich? You dont deserve to be. Youre poor? Thats all youve earnt. Youre entitled morons in a fantasy. Youve got what you deserve and not a penny more.
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Your private hard work will turn into public success.
Doing life > Losing life. Strapped.
Completely change your sleeping pattern and live a month absolutely nocturnal. It is amazing for productivity. There isn’t much open to waste time with at 4am on a Tuesday.
Fear is a fantastic motivator. If you’re afraid - you’ll be sharp. On point. Senses heightened. None of you are afraid of failing. You do not fear average. You’re perfectly comfortable as a nobody. If you were afraid to be where you are - you’d be better than where you are.
Train yourself to take nothing personally.
It’s never ok to fail and NO excuse is good enough. Stop saying them. Stop thinking them. You’re reinforcing excuses in your own mind. You either won or you lost.
In a world of instant and endless information - the idea of sitting in a classroom and reading text books is not only antiquated. It’s absolutely obsolete. There is zero reason for college or university outside of training you to obey systems which you know are ineffective.
The only thing better than being happy. Is being happy and seeing your haters unhappy. Anyone who can possibly dislike my brilliance is bound to be miserable. I’m awesome.
You suddenly get smarter once you realize that no one is going to save you.
Your ego determines who your friends are. Your ego determines what type of partner you have. What car you drive. How much you spend in the club. All of it. Understand your ego to understand yourself.