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Vini Jr learned on the fly in real time so it is doable, but 100 Milly of the queens finest on a project player is not great
Mudryk is so so raw, like he's so not ready it's crazy.
Even not knowing who comes after Conte, a Sane move to Spurs this summer just feels right. Different profile to anything they have rn, likely starts >75% the games, can play both on the wing and as a 10 decently well… it just feels right for all involved
Leroy Sané has not been training at Säbener Straße recently although he wasn't called up to the national team. Sané flew to London at the beginning of the international break. He has been commuting between London, Manchester and Munich for weeks [@BILD]
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Whole gen of players that remember Marcos Rojo’s Manchester United
We gotta use this juice while we still can because to kids born from 2006 onwards our reputation is cooked
Qatar got footy Twitter on the payroll now you cannot make this shit up
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Peak Cholo ball was SCARY stuff for offensive teams
Messi Neymar and Suarez going off the way they did in 15/16, to go out in the Champions League quarter finals is crazy
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The resulting credit crisis from that FA deal is gonna hit different
Ohtani’s free agency is gonna cause a financial collapse.
We really let baseball Jesus end up playing for the LA Angles and then let it happen AGAIN…
Shohei Othani in the World Baseball Classic hit .435/.606/.739 with 4 doubles & a home run. And he had a 1.86 ERA with 11 strikeouts in 9⅔ innings.
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Bar Brighton W1 and RS away in Europa, we only hold generational Ls not normal ones
Why does it feel like we've had more losses
They’re running this nonsense back again? Copy
⚪️🔜 Ryan Mason will most likely be put in temporary charge of Tottenham until the end of the season, following Conte's imminent exit from the club, reports @TeleFootball.
The special one 5-0 in European finals and domestic cup final Pep…
Ten Hag has to beat Guardiola and Mourinho in a final to complete a treble
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Ten Hag got the Bald black magic powers too? It’s looking very good bruv
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My Jack Harrison stocks
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Henry/Wenger era Arsenal attracted a mass of fans that didn’t fit the “traditional” football fan depiction. Credit to Arsenal here for leaning all the way into that. Would want proper research done, but I think it’s the reason such a large portion of black footy fans are Gooners
The one thing I’m happy about Arsenal fans, is that they’re not really Top Gooners. I’ve not seen much of “you’re not from London, you’re a lesser Arsenal fan” like I’ve seen with some other clubs
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Thinking about that AWBxAxel masterclass against peak powers NeyMbappe🥲🥲🥲
AWB vs Vinicius would be a fun watch
My first thought honestly was “who was their big summer signing?” Shows Arsenal didn’t achieve this by fluke; Arteta developed a systematic machine and they all executed across the board, end of. [Hateful] respect
Don’t understand how a team can miss their big summer signing for half of the league games they’ve played and still be described as “lucky”.
I’ll just read the tweet afterwards
Be a friend, tell a friend. You are cordially invited. 🗣🗣 TOMORROW AT 1PMEST
Not a single memorable goal but alas their inevitable now
These haaland hattricks
Ole might’ve been top 3 team builder we’ve had in a while Shame his tactics weren’t the greatest. Really could’ve been next up if he had some proper time as an assistant under someone major
Which #mufc opinion has you like this?
3rd place Lazio get bopped by this 16th Place Leicester super team but alas I’ll allow it
League stats : Juventus 26 games played 53 points 44 goals scored 22 goals conceded +22 goal difference 15 clean sheets Manchester United 26 games played 50 points 41 goals scored 35 goals conceded +6 goal difference 11 clean sheets
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De Gea rooted to the ground after a needless Fred shoulder barge
So the script is set for Sunday. Lovely