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Many sanitation workers in India must wear GPS trackers, and some say taking off the device incurs a fine. The workers have been protesting, arguing that the watches violate their privacy and rights. undark.org/2022/05/02/in-ind…
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So that means everyone becomes self employed...1 company/individual...130 crore companies in India. What a future sirji...but how will they run??
Shehzad always give logics based on half-knowledge...and half knowledge is always dangerous.
Now can a defamation case be filed on whole India especially RW and media like Timesnow, republic and aajtak etc.??
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It will be another video on half-facts and no deep analysis on root causes of problems
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False...collaboration cannot be compared to competition...we would far equal distribution with best vaccine being applied to most if collaboration would have been done. Less resource would be wasted in that. Competition is all about waste and profit.
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Will his grave be made inside the prison??
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Let's get $30k for this family whose mom and wife was murdered yesterday in Texas! (now at $12k)
This is not a challenge but the destruction of India and the world.
Tyranny of needing a "qualification". Clearly the boy is fully literate, besides being intellectually gifted. Who cares that he does not have a certificate of literacy? Grant him an honorary graduation. Give him a 4 hour lesson on cash flow management. He'll be fine.
It's 8.45 a.m and guess what Pragg is doing right now? He is busy scribbling away his commerce knowledge on a paper! 7 hours after he beat the world no.10 Anish Giri, Pragg is busy giving his 11th grade board exams! And in 12 hours from now, he will take on world no.2 Ding Liren!
BREAKING: In a landmark case, the high court of Massachusetts just ruled 7-0 that Exxon must face trial for deceiving the public over climate change. What happens when judges act with integrity. Huge step toward justice. Great precedent for the planet.👊 reuters.com/business/energy/…
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All thanks to capitalism...the promoter of individualism...QUAD is one of the way of westernizing India by the global north...stop it.
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Happy QUAD to you...
The beauty of pictures. You can make Modi look like a hero, Manmohan a zero. Or you can make Manmohan look like a hero, Modi a zero. It’s that easy to fool people with selectively chosen pics 😂
There are 2 problems 1. Currency whether fiat or bit does not have any value which shows how much good or bad is done to earn or create it. 2. The system allows as much as hoarding as you can not as you require irrespective of type of currency or type of economic system.