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It's funny how the losing team fans in a big game always blames the refs for ultimately losing. I get there maybe have been some borderline calls but 1 or 2 bad calls shouldn't dictate an overall game if your good. Great teams overcome it...Just not the Leafs 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
This Hockey night in Canada announcer is horrible. Canucks vs Calgary. The guy gets overly excited about Every potential shot towards the net like it's the Stanley Cup winner. Settle down a bit bud. Lol
Where is Pety. Oh wait don't worry he's doing great making passes. We don't need goals
Our top guys are just not threatening on the O. Hard to watch but I still do 馃様
Can we please trade Pearson. Why is he on PP1. My god.
Find it funny...Every time names come out there available it's always someone talking about the Leafs could be the fit. Haha. Aren't they capped out
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Montreal gave their GM 3 months to turn things around. Canucks give 7 years. Canadian markets demand a lot, Habs know it
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Canucks in the offensive zone just running around without purpose.
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that's not bad lol
Does pety remember what to do with a stick & puck