what have you done to remember 9/11 today!?

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I don’t really want to hear Nick Saban’s ass complain about shit. Motherfucker, you have 23 national championships, no one feels sorry for you.
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If there’s ever a scandal about me, *please* call it Elongate
BREAKING: 14 state populations were significantly miscounted in 2020, the Census Bureau said — a revelation that comes after the numbers were already used to divvy up House seats for the next decade. n.pr/3PuyCIo
That looks nice.🌸🌷🌸🌷🌺
Harvesting Iranian damask rose, aka Mohammedan Flower #Iran, Qom
God tier composer.
He also scored the films “Blade Runner” and “Missing” and Carl Sagan’s PBS series “Cosmos.” wapo.st/3wGEeGQ
Guys, I Fucking Love Science.
Japan Could Start Dumping Fukushima Radioactive Water In The Pacific By Next Spring iflscience.com/environment/j…
Pro Tip: If you guess 5'9-5'11 for males and 5'4-5'7 for females, you'll be surprised at how ridiculously good you are at vibe reading.
Do you know what’s a fun Twitter game? Ask your followers how tall you are. There are a ridiculous amount of people here that accurately predict height from vibes.
George W. Bush: “The decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq—I mean Ukraine—Iraq, too.” Freudian slip if I ever saw one! He told the truth for once!
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Anyone who feels sorry for Stan Lee getting screwed posthumously here should google "Jack Kirby's children."
Marvel has signed a deal with Stan Lee Universe to license Stan Lee’s name & likeness for use in future films, TV, theme parks and merchandizing “through digital technology, archival footage and other forms.” (Source: hollywoodreporter.com/movies…)
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Here are three Fort Bragg soldiers, all in elite US Army units, who recently died - on post - from apparent heart attacks. It's weird because they all look so fit.
In between this, NEW JACK CITY, and JOHNNY MNEMONIC, Ice T was, like, the guy I thought should win Best Supporting Actor every year of the 90's.
TankGirl with @loripetty I played ‘T Saint’ Makeup by the legend Stan Winston.
a screenshot of a deleted tweet will always be more valuable than a NFT
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did a land mine write this article
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"What, you guys don't sell beer!?"
This is the world’s most inconvenient convenience store boingboing.net/2022/05/17/th…
Bob Dole couldn't do this. Because he was a damn war hero.
The DNC does the Macarena. (1996)
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IT'S OV-AH! Summer Lee comes back from the EV dead to win the Democratic nod in PA 12 by 862 votes over Steve Irwin. Big win for the DSA and progressives. This should be a safe Dem seat, meaning Lee can expect to join the Squad in January. 88/x
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A bunch of broke MFs sitting around, talking shit about other people is a ‘Nonprofit Organization’ 💎
I've seen enough: Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R) has lost renomination to state Sen. Chuck Edwards (R) in the #NC11 GOP primary.