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Beat it!

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Replying to @GOP
For what? Passing infrastructure? Creating 10.5M jobs? Bringing manufacturing back? Healthcare for 9/11 burn pit first responders? Lowering insulin costs for Medicare recipients? Oh wait -- it was appointing Ketanji Brown Jackson to SCOTUS, wasn't it? Y'all HATE Black women.
Let's see how fast WHITE WOMEN will be trending, because some MAGATT has his panties in a bunch for being #BlackWomen trending
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All Black women should be able to experience a love that doesn’t require suffering.
Here's a thought... what if ... Donald Trump actually is Democrat (again) and his overall plot is to destroy the GOP from the inside out... #MAGAmeltdown #GOPDomesticTerrorists #GOPLiesAboutEverything
#HunterBiden #HunterBidensLaptop #HungLikeABiden #ElonIsDestroyingTwitter #Lawyers Wouldnt @elonmusk posting nude photos of Hunter Biden be seen as 'Revenge Porn'...and isnt that illegal?
If they're such Proud Boys, why are they always covering their stupid faces?
The same @GOP -igs , who 'cant SAY GAY' , trying to OWN THE LIBS. lol 😆
I can think of several more to add…electric cars, Covid, vaccines, masks, the word “gay”, drag queens, facts and truth, to name a few! #MAGAMORONS #MAGAMeltdown #DemVoice1 #OurBlueVoice
Trump White House ? FFS more like Trump nut House. This country needs meds fast! #TrumpInJail #TrumpCoupAttempt
Always remember (in an attempt for the #DirtyRIGHTTrash to 'OWN the Libs' ) This person @DonaldJTrumpJr , wrote the book : Triggered lmfao hahhahha... shyt!
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Don't forget to tell her how your party fails to condemn antisemitic rhetoric and condones the words of Nazis.
Love when the GOPigs and MAGAtts say: OWN THE LIBS Because yes, theyll do the dumb crap, trying to 'trigger' a response. And theyll think ANY RESPONSE is good, when in reality we're looking at them, like wow this DUMB FK, cut off his nose, despite his face! Lol 😆
Buying expensive sushi from libs’ restaurant and throwing it away before I eat it to own the libs. Getting a manicure from a foreign lib and then smashing my fingers with a hammer to own the libs. Having Pelosi’s likeness painted on my forehead and then jamming a lawn dart...
History repeats itself...
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Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham think Herschel Walker is completely capable.... #Herschel Erection Hershel Walker #erection #erectiledysfunction #HerschelWalker #ereccion