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If yall need need an Xbox Series X/S or PS5, follow @mattswider. His notifications on restocks helped me get mine!
Alright @mattswider just followed you, got your notifications turned on. Lets see if you're tracking helps me as much as some of your other lucky people with those ps5s.
Gonna start streaming @PlayBlackDesert on ps4. Maybe yall will come check me out and chat for a bit!
Playing some @Remnant_Game on @PlayStation testing my stream connection
Giving away halloween cosmetics in @GenesisMOBA ?! Thanks for free things @RampageGames_CN !
Can I climb to Commander in @RampageGames_CN moba @GenesisMOBA on ps4? Come see!
Back streaming some ranked on @GenesisMOBA. Notice me senpais!
#LCS #LolEsports #MYMWIN MYM gonna pull it off. Lets go Mimer
#LCS Rengar was smart camping Lissandra, otherwise Irelia would of been out of hand. I truly think that is what shut down Elements