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Gaming Enthusiast, Amateur Musician, Full-time Father

I live near the Death Star
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wife: can you help me? me: i have a cat on my lap boss on IM: i need you to xyz me: i have a cat on my lap world: on fire me: i have a cat on my lap
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I love playing around with the Gojira archetype , im haven't gotten around to making my own sounds, the presets are loaded with some sick tones. I find myself playing riffs that sounds like intro to a diablo game, and this plugin just makes it sound so much better!
weighed in today, i've dropped 21 lbs, now down to 199! Hopefully at this slow but steady pace i'll be down to around 185 by end of year, that's what I used to be at about 10 years ago when I had to stop skateboarding(knee giving out on me).
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finally starting to see results, been getting on the treadmill for 30 min everyday for the last 3 months, slightly increasing speed every week and so far down from 220 to 205. Might not be much, but gets my heartrate up and up moving during my lunch break every day
Fuck this shit. Retweet if you agree.
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Elon Musk eating crayons
I spent too much time scrolling #guitarist when I should have been playing!
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The new Skate. game is a bit dissapointing, because of course it is a "live-service" first game with what is looking to be a limited and lacking offline mode. Devs have already released verbage that MTX will be "cosmetics and convenience"... <sigh>