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I have been screaming at ABC continuously about having him on "This Week" every Sunday. I live in NJ and he is a disgraceful, arrogant, belligerent bully. I do not understand why ABC has him on at any time.
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Cole is not our ace.
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@TalkinYanks @Jomboy_ I was trying to set up my DVR for tomorrow's Yankee/Cubs game but I can't find it anywhere. Where is it?
Wasn't he shot while playing softball a few years back? You'd think he'd be in support of better gun control, following Ms. Giffords' example.
@TMKSESPN Kay is disgusting. What is with him and nudity?
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Second scene with Chelsea & Kyle having a "cute meet". Hmmmm.
@yogachampagne How ironic it is that actors, who work as servers in restaurants while trying to find an acting gig, finally get a job on a soap as a server in a restaurant or coffee shop 😏
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I wonder what he would have thought of the Warren Commission. Or the Watergate hearings.
I don't know how old you are, but I'm so impressed that you can fold up your legs like that. I would never be able to walk again😂😂 I'm 73.
@TalkinYanks I've tried to be patient with Hicks, but getting picked off base is inexcusable.
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He is one of those people who will not watch any of the film clips & testimonies to see what really happened that day, and how close we came to losing our democracy. He can't handle the truth. He is an ignorant fool.
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Be still my heart. TINO!
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No she didn't, you fool.
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They strengthened cockpit doors. They have secret agents on every flight. We still have to go through TSA lines to get on board.
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I loved a dog I never really met. My heart is broken for you, Charlie, and his furry brothers. I can barely see through my tears. I lost my beloved cat, Jasper, only a few months ago and am still grieving for him. I've had so many pets throughout my life, loved & lost. PETE!
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What day is it?
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What the f... is wrong with those people?
@TMKSESPN OMG ESPN Please tell Kay to MOVE ON from this Kenny Albert crap. Kay is the worst. Why do I listen? Because I want to hear SPORTS TALK, not big baby Kay picking on others or self-pitying crying. I feel so sorry for Don & Peter having to deal with this jerk every day.