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I have been screaming at ABC continuously about having him on "This Week" every Sunday. I live in NJ and he is a disgraceful, arrogant, belligerent bully. I do not understand why ABC has him on at any time.
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Cole is not our ace.
BREAKING: GOP Rep. Liz Cheney throws down the gauntlet to her Trumper colleagues for "defending the indefensible," warning them that "there will come a day when Donald Trump is gone" but their "dishonor will remain." RT IF YOU THINK THAT SHE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!
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@TalkinYanks @Jomboy_ I was trying to set up my DVR for tomorrow's Yankee/Cubs game but I can't find it anywhere. Where is it?
Wasn't he shot while playing softball a few years back? You'd think he'd be in support of better gun control, following Ms. Giffords' example.
BREAKING: Marjorie Taylor Greene melts down on the House floor saying there is "there is something terrible" happening in the Jan. 6th probe because Donald Trump's "character is being defamed" and it makes her "sick" to see it. RT IF YOU THINK THAT DONALD TRUMP IS A MONSTER!
@TMKSESPN Kay is disgusting. What is with him and nudity?
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Second scene with Chelsea & Kyle having a "cute meet". Hmmmm.
The dog person that I am would LOVE to be cat ambushed like this!!!!❤️❤️❤️
The successful ambush was led by Sgt. Meow.
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@yogachampagne How ironic it is that actors, who work as servers in restaurants while trying to find an acting gig, finally get a job on a soap as a server in a restaurant or coffee shop 😏
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I wonder what he would have thought of the Warren Commission. Or the Watergate hearings.
I don't know how old you are, but I'm so impressed that you can fold up your legs like that. I would never be able to walk again😂😂 I'm 73.
BREAKING: Jack Del Rio, defensive coordinator for the Washington Commanders NFL team, dismisses the deadly Capitol insurrection as a "dust up" because "nothing burned down" and questions why anyone is making it a "major deal." RT IF YOU THINK THAT HE SHOULD BE FIRED!
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@TalkinYanks I've tried to be patient with Hicks, but getting picked off base is inexcusable.
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He is one of those people who will not watch any of the film clips & testimonies to see what really happened that day, and how close we came to losing our democracy. He can't handle the truth. He is an ignorant fool.
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Be still my heart. TINO!