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Never be cruel, never be cowardly and never ever eat pairs. 12th Doctor All words to live by even the part about never eating pairs.馃槀 And to all who follow me be kind #DoctorWho #TwelthDoctor
I changed my mind I'll be getting #HogwartsLegacy on Friday days after everyone else does and I will be streaming the game because I'm an adult and can buy and play what I want.
In honor of #HogwartsLegacy I have something to say never let shitty people turn you off of games you like play what you want to play chooms.
So apparently there is a web site that lets you if people you follow streams Hogwarts legacy so people who are playing the game like @adam_couser are based as hell.
Oh yeah because bullying someone over a game doesn't hurt your cause at all.
Twitch chat bullies streamer for playing Hogwarts Legacy to the point of making his girlfriend cry
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#EdensZero is just #Fairytale in space and yes i know the same person did both shows and ive never actually watch Fairytale.
it took me along time but I'm finally watching the #SHAMANKING remake I remember seeing the first two episodes of the #4kidsdub so after those episodes it's going to be new to me.
Watching #RecordofRagnarok on Netflix and its good at least in my opinion.
Huge lover of #yandere characters look at the banner image if you don't believe me, don't judge.
Well this is fucking stupid my answer to this is maybe americans shouldn't voice Japanese charcters see how dumb that sounds this is why I watch anime subbed and stay away from most American dubs.
Western Voice Actors Accuse Crunchyroll Of Bigotry For Casting White Actress As Suletta In English Dub Of 'Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury'鈥
The only characters i didn't hate were zoey and penny most of the time and sticky when he was there.
I know it鈥檚 been said a lot but you truly can鈥檛 get a worst friend group than this
I'm just going to say it but canceling people because they like or are playing #HogwartsLegacy is a fucking stupid hill to die on.
I thought this was a meme but it's real and a stupid hill to die on.
Trans activist created a website to detect if streamers have played Hogwarts Legacy so they know who to cancel. #DramaAlert
10/10 response you love to see it.
If you buy #HogwartsLegacy because you're excited to play it, you aren't transphobic. If you boycott the game, you're not a bad person. If you call someone transphobic for buying the game, you're an asshole. If you say you're buying to "piss off the libs" you're an asshole too.
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When it comes to the #HogwartsLegacy drama I'm staying out of it still going to buy the game because it looks interesting.
So true it's a game about Wizards and they took out gender and people like this still ain't happy.
Chronically online, actually wake up and have a look at what you鈥檙e sulking about. A VIDEO GAME, ABOUT MAGIC & WIZARDS, THIS ISN鈥橳 REAL LIFE, ITS A GAME, WE LIKE GAMES, I DON鈥橳 GIVE A FUCK IF UR TRANS, STFU AND LET ME PLAY THE GAME WE let YOU identify as whatever the fuck, so?
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I hated this game when it came out now i love it, ihad a wife in kids in this game but put them in the wrong city and then i didnt have them anymore if you played the game you know what I'm talking about. #FableIII #XboxShare
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My type of Woman #yakuza0 I don't know what that says about me.