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Wow. Just LOOK at the control A con man has over the entire Republicans Party and RW media! they are out in FORCE FULLY repeating the same bullshit talking points. This is scary stuff, folks.
It is really, really scary just HOW virulent the Republican Party has become.
Considering what Republicans put both Clintons through, now Hunter Biden...they've got their nerve whining about political persecutions.
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BREAKING: After a months long investigation into why police hesitated during the Uvalde school shooting, the answer is in: the police were afraid to confront the killer’s AR-15. This raises a very important question, if police are too afraid to confront an AR-15 where does that……
Wow. Suddenly Repubs aren't so much about law and order.
Trump supporter: 👇👇👇👇👇👇
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Are Xi and MAGA/GOP in cahoots with their support of Putin to weaken Biden and America....or is it just a coincidence?
Republicans accusing Dems of political witch hunts, prosecutions, persecutions, etc. is the ultimate in projection.
Turns out, the party of law and order is against law and order.
The GOP really resembles a mob family now, doesn't it?
All Republicans are proving with their pathological and irrational defense of Trump is that they are party first, last, only, always....fuck the country, Constitution, laws, honesty, statesmanship, integrity....We want POWER, at any cost and by any means! Drool, drool.
The party of patriotism, real Americans, law and order, Christian, moral, and family values, and of "Character counts!" led by Donald Trump. 'Nuff said.
how full of shit is @SpeakerMcCarthy? Wow. History is going to be very, very ugly to this pathetic "man".
The most prolific crime Trump seems to commit is obstruction of cover for his relentless criminality.
Which is it? 1) Repubs know Trump is a corrupt, chronic criminal but are lying to cover for him and so are unfit to be in Congress?; 2) They really believe Trump is not a corrupt, chronic criminal and so are too stupid to be in Congress?
Remember when Repubs hollered with fury about impeaching a president over a bj fib in a consensual affair during a civil suit which was dismissed for having no merit? Me neither.
Xi has gone full MAGA. He, like MAGA, is propping up Putin against Ukraine, cozying up to an indicted criminal, all because he too hates America/democracy. Wow.
The party of Alberto Gonzales firing US attys for refusing to bring bogus cases against Dem candidates, of William Barr lying to the American people to protect Trump, of Whitewater, Jones, BJ fib impeachment, of Benghazi, emails, and John outraged over political abuse
Question: How did the amoral, anti-democracy, chronic shyster, cheater, defrauder, liar, criminal, Trump know that, to have any chance at becoming president, he'd have to run as a member of the party of Christian, moral and family values, of "Character counts" of law and order..
2/2 ...for an insurrection against the United States, planning and inciting it, under investigation for pressuring SOS's to overthrow an election for him, have his company found guilty of tax fraud, defrauded students of a scam U., mocked a disabled person...whoa, tall order.
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