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I wasn't going to purchase it because at face value Twitter does not provide me with $8 of value per month, but I've decided Twitter + supporting actual free speech online does, I hope others in a similar situation will do the same.
This is the crossover I didn't know I needed, The Drinker and Elon Musk. Appreciate your videos sir, hope someday soon people re-realize good art can be political but it has to first and foremost be good art.
What I think the other poster was trying to point out: If you're still getting paid you're not terminated yet. If they get paid (with no gap in pay status) for 60 days then they got the required notice, the employer doesn't have to have them actually do work.
He didn't sell out, he refused to sell out, which is why he left. A prior director for the series said that multiple writers actively hate The Witcher's source material. He has been clear he only wants to stay if they actually tell the story faithfully. They aren't so he's gone.
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Privilege: Thinking that giving draconian control to a central authority is a good idea because you were lucky enough to be born free and have never had to experience the true oppression that has been born from "good intentions".
This is why nobody in the world who still has their natural right to bear arms should ever give that up and those who have been denied that right should seek to take it back immediately.
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Unconstitutional, please read Article III of the constitution.
Nothing quite says Republicans want to control you like returning the rights for states to determine their own abortion law. I hope you realize you're arguing that the party that made abortion a democratically decided choice, not just a court dictate, is the totalitarian one.
Sir, I love your books, but you read a poll, not just the poll's headline. You'll find that the majority of Americans don't want total bans, sure, but they do want significant restrictions, and certainly don't like no reason abortions. Seriously, read the actually data.
A perfect example of the Doomsaying of which I spoke. The sad part is I'm sure you believe it and I feel sorry for you. On the topic of renewables I actually prefer nuclear personally which isn't technically renewable but character limits and all....
Climate change doomsayers predicted every possible disaster, that's like saying you're a darts pro just b/c 1/100 darts you threw happened to land in the bullseye. Anthropogenic climate change is real, but let's be realistic about outcomes as we move to renewables responsibly.
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If 18 year olds aren't mature enough to own a gun they aren't mature enough to vote, I don't support raising the age requirements of either, but to do one and not the other is hypocrisy.
Or unlike most modern pandering companies Elon Musk understands that if you want to get real innovative work out of employees they have to be in a work environment. Maybe some highly rote jobs can be done remote, but not real collaborative innovation.
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Maybe, maybe not, when Monetization is this deep into a game's systems at least some of the developers were involved. They work to get paid like anyone else; I don't blame them for that, gotta make that bread somehow, but lets not pretend they are above this mess.
He offered her a seat, not a part in the show. Instead of accepting or declining she narcissistically tried to insert herself into the event that's already less than a week away. Perchance have *you* recently hit your head?
If you just want to go buy the mortality statistics they the bag of chips by far. 24.5k murders (by any means) a year vs Diabetes 102k a year, and that's just a single obesity related cause of mortality, and not even the highest one.
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As a Republican I believe in being a good steward of our planet, as well as curating a new planet for us, but any move to Greener technology must come gradually and it must make economic sense to do it first, we have already curbed the worst of the worst effects.
Parties are a mathematical consequence of voting, esp. plurality voting, such as in a direct democracy, not a "choice". (see Duverger's law, etc.) *Trying* to avoid parties requires a system that involves proportional *representation*. A *republic* is needed.
Simplified extensively this is due to voters, when given only two options (pass/fail), will attempt harm reduction preferentially to their actual desires, which requires vote pooling with any individuals that are not the opposite of what they want, minimizing viable parties.
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Also, plurality voting, such as in direct democracies, naturally leads to the formation of parties in order to maximize a voter's harm reduction (as opposed to desire). Proportional *representation* wherein the decision makers can be rank ordered by preference helps avoid this.