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Can someone please remind me when the SBC has ever been a light of the gospel & faithful representation of Christianity? Was it during slavery, when it was formed as a pro-slave faith expression? Was it during the Jim Crow era as a practioner & advocate of segregation? When?
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Right here. Me and my spouse.
Do you personally know someone who is vaxxed and STILL didn't have covid yet?
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There just needs to be a separate Hall of Fame for the NBA.
Ok. Can we just all admit the Basketball Hall of Fame is dumb?
The best way to incorporate him? Have him come off the bench for 20-25 minutes per game, and make sure he's not on the floor during crunch time.
How to incorporate Russell Westbrook was reportedly a ‘significant subject’ in Lakers head coaching interviews.…
I like this idea, and I think he may be a good hire. Whether Rob Pelinka can do anything about the roster is another story.
In a change from the Lakers' last coaching search, it looks like Darvin Ham will be given the ability to pick his own coaching staff.…
Just because someone accuses you of something doesn't mean you're guilty. And even if they're right about one thing doesn't mean they're right about everything. I can acknowledge a wrongdoing while rejecting other accusations.
I hated Stabler on SVU, but man, do love him on Organized Crime!
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If I see one more evangelical suggest that everyone should homeschool their kids as an answer to gun violence, without any acknowledgment of how privileged that is, I’ll scream.
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Just learned that one of my students was born in Ireland, moved to Canada when he was 6, and has since lived in Kentucky and Arkansas. When he missed an ACT question dealing with square yards, he informed me that he didn't know there were 3 feet in 1 yard: "I'm from Canada."
Every now and again I get this little fear that a shift in the tutoring business will make it necessary to get a job outside education. It's a scary thought. Most of my experience outside education is in restaurants. I'll be 50 next month, so I'm not built for that anymore.
It's amazing to me that teachers have such a hard time finding jobs outside of education. Teachers can literally do it all. If I ever had to create a team for some reason to carry out important tasks it would absolutely include teachers.
When confronted with the reality that school shootings have been an issue long before the public had heard of CRT or conservatives had coopted the term "woke," Ron Johnson doubled down on his asinine claim.
.@SenRonJohnson says critical race theory, "wokeness" responsible for school shootings…
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Imagine if we would have taken real action after Columbine.
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As a 99 year old combat veteran of World War II, the father of six, and grandfather to four, I couldn’t be more grateful to Steve Kerr, a man who expressed everything I’ve been feeling since the horror of yesterday’s killings. Please watch.
Steve Kerr on today's tragic shooting in Uvalde, Texas.
Saw Keith Lee trending and wondered why people were discussing an NBA bust from close to 40 years ago. (I know know they weren't.)
I prefer "screenshotted" as the past tense of "screenshot."
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I feel like we are screaming into the void trying to fight back against white supremacy with folks who have accepted defeat. My heart hurts and I am angry 🥺🤦🏾‍♂️.
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Great comparison.
Replying to @GlobeChadFinn
Not the same skill set, but Al Horford and Paul Silas are spiritual twins whose day-to-day contributions are/were immeasurable. Classic adults in the room.
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You were happy to support the Muslim ban, happy to vote to bomb Muslim civilians in Yemen, Syria, Pakistan, Palestine, and Somalia—and now you conveniently use Uighur Muslims as your excuse to deflect from your own failures on gun safety in America. Truly shameful.
The @NBA doesn’t like to talk about the billions they make from a China that enslaves Uyghur Muslims and harvests their organs But they have no problem politicizing a horrific tragedy in America
Arming teachers is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard. Have y’all BEEN in schools? Some students already feel like schools aren’t a safe space because of the controlling adults in the space. Bringing guns in would only exacerbate that feeling