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What a final and what an amazing World Cup! #FIFAWorldCup
I’m shocked that the same Jeremy Clarkson who was sacked from Top Gear for punching a producer because he couldn’t order a steak at 11 o clock at night in the hotel they were staying in turns out to be a massive twat.
An intelligent bunch as always…
Completely normal reaction to a draw. This country is very sick. #ENGUSA #WorldcupQatar2022
A reminder to Mr Tarry that karma can be an absolute bitch.
Huge news in Labour land 🌹 Sitting MP @SamTarry has been deselected in Ilford South. He lost his selection battle to @Jas_Athwal, who will contest the safe London seat at the next election as a result. Vote breakdown: Tarry - 361 Athwal - 499
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Chelsea have sacked their manager, Man Utd had a terrible first 2 matches but under the radar, Liverpool are in a right mess at the moment.
I can’t tell if this is real or a piss take… 😂
We’re now published authors (not counting our Gareth Bale fan fiction). @Wrexham_AFC @VistaPrint
Sat here absolutely laughing my head off they’re so bad #ManUtd
Hi @AvantiWestCoast I’ve paid over £120 for a return from Manchester Piccadilly to London Euston for work on Monday 22nd August - outbound train 08:35 from Manchester. Is this service still going ahead? I need to know if I need to mess about driving instead. Money already taken!
Re-subscribed to #BTSport for the new season just now. Had a little look what’s on this evening… Fucking quidditch! 😫
What a match! Get in England!!!
👇 Nail on the head!
Makes me laugh all this, so many fans were happy to see Forest back in the premier league, but now we’re actually competing by making top signings I’ve seen nothing but bitterness 🤣🤣
Why would climate change activists disrupt the Tour de France?! They are all cycling?! Muppets #TourDeFrance2022
Not changed my opinion from 2019! #ToryLeadershipContest #Sunak
Rishi Sunak reminds me of one of those posh entitled twats that goes on The Apprentice, pisses everyone off and turns out to be shit and gets fired by week 3. #itvdebate
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Train staff in Wales aren’t on strike. That’s because we work in social partnership. The Tories are picking fights to distract from their lies and the recession they’re causing. Don’t fall for it
If they do the Country’s even more fucked than I thought 😂
Could Wrexham become the UK's new cultural hub?
What a game. What a rollercoaster. We’re in the Premier League again 👏 👏 Get in! #NFFC
Left @O2 last week after about 18 years. Everything always paid by direct debit and just received this letter… are you guys for real?!
The fact that those most upset about Starmer saying he’ll resign if fined are the Tory press cheerleaders and the Labour far left shows why it’s the right decision whatever the final outcome.
The greatest bowler of all time and lived life to the full. Just gutted. Still so young. Rest in peace Shane Warne.