As Steve Perry would say ... he’s just a City Boy, born in South Detroit. An Artist mix’n a daily dose of Music & Movies. Lyrical Alchemy = ‘ENIGMATISM’

Venice, CA
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Lion Lava Bossa Nova Cosmo Cha Cha RIO Roar Fro Flowa 🍀 Ghetto Mama Samba Dare 💋 Sumac Shake Sambodromo Shaman Sol 🏵️Samba Seed Tenor Tide ✨ Silva Shine Work’n Wave Turf’n Tide ✨ Silva Shine Paulo Pop Haddad Hop RIO Roar ⚡
The Cosmic Hearth The Orion #Nebula is featured in this sweeping image from #NASA WISE. The constellation of Orion is prominent in the evening sky throughout the world from about December through April of each year. #Science #SpaceExploration #STEM #Astronomy
Samsara Spin 🌀💫 Surya Shakti
An Iranian schoolgirl replaces the portrait of Ayatollahs Khomeini and Khamenei that hang in every classroom—the only two men who’ve ruled Iran for 43 years—with the words “Woman, Life, Freedom”.
Surya Shakti ⚡ Shivala Shiva 🏵️ Sunshowa Shakti Shine ✨
Today in Iran, schoolgirls remove their compulsory hejab and chant “death to the dictator” while stomping on the photos of their rulers
Z Zouk Ragga 🌀 Ska Mama Rise'n ⚡ Blaze'n ⭕ Blaze'n Rise'n ⚡ Rebel Ragga 💋 Ska Mama
I took the jump @SkydiveZanzibar
Rebel Riddim ⭕ Ocean Fiyah
Chinese children are learning synchronization and teamwork
Beneath da Tiga Roars a Fiyah Beneath da Fiyah Quench Desire Beneath Desire Dives Cousteau Mix'n Mind Bowl'n Beats Trek'n Time Blaze'n Bengal Gong'n Gold 💫🌀🌕🌀💫
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JamRock Vongole Black Olive Napoli Nairobi Goldie Z Sway’n Sea Blaze’n Blues Rebel Rouge Ska’n Sun Danza Danza Pop’n Picatta Mix’n Marsala Goldie Z Sway’n Sea Ska’n Sun Caja Queen Soca Ragga FuZION
Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall at their Beverly Hills Home in 1946. Photo by Eugene Robert Richee as publicity for Warner Bros. Pictures.
Rise & Blaze Rebel Riddim Ocean Fiyah Quench Desire Higha Higha Ocean Fiyah Higha Higha Quench Desire Sip’n Sun Turn It Up Higha Higha Shine It Down Ocean Fiyah Higha Higha Quench Desire
Geometry of the Blue Ring Nebula (Animation) The Blue Ring #Nebula is thought to be the product of two stars merging into one. The collision of the bodies ejected a cloud of hot debris into #Space #SpaceX #SpaceExploration #Science #Astronomy
Paulo Pop ⭕ Haddad Hop Work'n Wave 🌊 Turf'n Tide 🍀 Silva Shine
Com @Haddad_Fernando em São Bernardo do Campo. Em São Paulo e no Brasil, é 13! 📸: @ricardostuckert
Bond Boom ⭕🌹 Berry Belle
Engineers have spent almost a decade designing and building the Surface Water & Ocean Topography (SWOT) spacecraft. Then, they watched every piece undergo intense testing. But this December, SWOT faces the ultimate test: launch. 🚀
Cosmic Clover 🍀 Soul’n Smile Verve’n Vixen 💫 Lotus Light Rupt’n Ring ✨ Twang’n Time Bond Boom ⭕ Vulcanize
It's #JamesBondDay. From volcanic lairs to space stations, briefcases to revolving number plates, Pinewood Studios are proud to be the home of Bond. Here's a look back at the first 30 years #ShotAtPinewood #60YearsofBond
Rebel Quill 💋⚡ ⭕ Moxy Muse
James Bond returns home. Ian Fleming Publications will be publishing the original James Bond stories in brand-new editions in 2023, 70 years after Casino Royale was first released. Join us in a year-long celebration of the world’s most famous spy. More to come... #70Yearsof007