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A skilled pilot landing diagonally in 40 knot wind.
This country needs new leadership all together鈥o Biden鈥o trump鈥o far leftist鈥o ultra maga cult members #USA 馃嚭馃嚫
A look at @Jim_Jordan @ByronDonalds @JamesComer and the rest of house oversight committee politicians knowing they arnt going to do ANYTHING about these massacres while those poor parents pour their hearts out to them and these things keep happening.
I support #2A but I also realize that something has change from every aspect & let鈥檚 not get mad at @SenTedCruz @tedcruz for not answering that question from @SkyNews he didn鈥檛 have an answer because the gun lobby hasn鈥檛 given it to him. The answer will be with his next payment.
I love hearing Republican family and friends from Texas saying they will not vote for @SenTedCruz again..They are more than tired of him being his usual hypocritical self. #Servilepuppydog
It鈥檚 hilarious hearing people use actual facts to destroy 2000 Mules as the propaganda scam it is鈥#2000MulesMovie
Knicks have been hot garbage for a LOOOOOOONNNNNNGG time
The two big market teams that need to improve are the Lakers and the Knicks.
This country is doomed.
But Why???
WOW! Speaker Pelosi just met with President Zelenskyy!
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Trump running these ads for @DavidPerdueGA still pushing this stolen election nonsense is hilarious
Waaaay yo fast
Lakers gave up on Ingram too fast
So democrats are more upset because the truth came out about @GOPLeader that he is a hypocritical power hungry weasel鈥ut is the #maga / so called #AmericaFirst cult mad at him now because he said something bad about their false prophet?
#TheFirstLady 馃憤馃従鈥ot bad at all.
Screaming Toxic masculinity about the #Oscar and Will smith/Chris Rock is Toxic Stupidity鈥.The man defended his wife..get over it. Respect 鉁婐煆锯owever he should have done it backstage
These @DavidPerdueGA ads are hilarious, all they are saying is vote for him because Trump wanted me to run because @GovKemp didn鈥檛 fall in line and do something he legally couldn鈥檛 and now trump is mad and on a revenge tour. LMAO
No need to watch the #SOTU let鈥檚 be about action and not pretty speeches @TheDemocrats #stillwaiting & @GOP with @RepMTG giving her #Americafirst bullshit is laughable as well鈥鈥檓 not taking any qanon/white supremest or sympathizer seriously.when it comes to her #Byefelicia
Replying to @RepMTG
It鈥檚 people that actually vote for this ignorance
Lauren Witzke, the Delaware GOP's candidate for Senate in 2020, has nothing but praise for Putin and "his Christian nationalist nation": "I identify more with Putin's Christian values than I do with Joe Biden."
AOC rallying in Texas Is like Cruz rallying in NY鈥aste of a trip鈥he is to far left for most Texans
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The struggle is real