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I'd like to say that I'm surprised but we all knew that he only wanted attention and power anyway he can get it.
Just a reminder. I'll retweet this as many times as necessary.
They executed a legally obtained warrant signed by a judge appointed by TFG aka the subject of the investigation. #MarALagoRaid #FBISearchWarrant #TFG #SeditionHasConsequences
I mean it was due...right?
Neither does Marsha
The Rhodes College alumni who are trying to cancel Justice Coney Barrett do not speak for Tennesseans.
Marco didn't do well in social anthropology or those confirmation classes that covered all the Christian values about kindness, acceptance, and unconditional love.
Since only biological females can become pregnant I offered an amendment to limit our federal pregnancy programs to biological females All 50 Senate democrats voted against it
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Laugh vs Cry.
Outside of Jesus dying for our sins, Donald J Trump is the single greatest gift to all citizens of the world.
Tell me that you get pleasure from watching murder and the unrelenting harassment of parents who buried their murdered children without actually saying it
If Alex Jones has to pay $45 million for spreading fake news, I can't wait to see what CNN ends up having to pay Kyle Rittenhouse.
Says a man trying to force his twisted beliefs on American women.....
Everywhere you turn today, the Progressive Left wants to force their deeply twisted ideas about morality, faith, and values on America. Don’t let them.
This guy wouldn't survive 15 minutes in the world he thinks he wants.
How about Biden sends LeBron James to Russia for Brittney Griner? I think that's a fair trade.
We're flush with basil, Thai Basil, mint, catnip, and good with oregano... I've become the sharing herb lady. I'm good with this.. #herbs #basil #thaibasil, #mint #catnip
Nick is a guy who doesn't like working people or the environment. He's desperate for attention and doesn't have the social skills to have friends.
The Democrats crossed a line with these new spending bills.
Chuck doesn't like his job or leadership at the job. He should quit. I mean I look in the help wanted ...everyone is hiring.
Each Dec Schumer puts out schedule for Senate I set Grassley family reunion based on schedule. For 2nd yr in row I won’t be at reunion I’m in DC to fight Dems irresponsible tax&spend bill. Need a Republican majority to hv schedule we can count on & A RESPONSIBLE FISCAL AGENDA
He's probably packing for Cancun.... #TedCruzHatesVeterans #CancunCruz #lies #GOPBetrayedAmerica
President Biden can claim anything he wants – but sadly America is in a recession and inflation remains red hot.   cnbc.com/2022/08/05/danger-a…
I'm here for the GOP meltdown.
Attention...Attention is the answer.
Does anyone understand what Kyrsten Sinema wants?
I got busted for speeding up the religion in school video...I have to rewatch...uggggggg
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