RFK Jr is trending due to his rhetoric at today’s DC event against vaccines and mandates. Gentle reminder to those who insist on framing vaccine resistance as all about Republicans- JFK Jr is not only the most influential“anti-vaxxer,” but he’s also a (prominent) Democrat.” 🤔
My point? I don’t believe vaccine hesitancy is all about Republicans because of Tucker Carlson, any more than I believe it’s all about Democrats because of RFK Jr. It’s about mistrust and lack of engagement. And attacking people’s politics doesn’t build trust or engagement.

Jan 24, 2022 · 2:22 AM UTC

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Big difference between Tucker Carlson and RFK Jr is that most other Democrats are not listening to RFK while the majority of the Republican party is listening to Carlson.
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Persons trying to create attention regardless of Party
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Comparing RFK Jr to Tucker Carlson is like comparing Tulsi Gabbard to Donald Trump.
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It seems these people are immune from any pro-vaccine messages. And I agree they do not trust it. Their trust of vaccinations going forward and that of their children/families will be affected by this. Its going to take devastating losses for ppl to quit believing memes vs drs.
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I’d say the most significant difference is prominent Democrats neither embrace nor defend RFK. So while he have Democratic lineage he doesn’t get the support or cover Republicans give their antivaxxers.