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So when you see the ABC Michigan endorsement it’s someone that is advocating for you, not for themselves. That’s what we take into consideration.
So we’re clear if everything is racist then nothing is racist. So we have to be careful pointing it out. Ok that said; this is racist.
Replying to @JimmyEGreene
I'll see your hate and raise you.
Talk about breeding hate. Lord.
Kamala on Hurricane Ian relief: The Biden administration will focus on “giving resources based on equity” by directing funds to “communities of color”
This should give Democrats even more fuel to win.
After DePerno, Karamo, Maddock primaries, a dysfunctional state party, Johnson & Craig disqualified, and not enough characters left this to go on this is meh. Albert resigns as appropriations chair, calls new spending plan 'reckless' detroitnews.com/story/news/p… via @detroitnews
It includes proposals to fight the current crime wave, combat high inflation, create jobs and cut federal regulations. The plan also calls for making the U.S. energy independent and shoring up the domestic supply chain. Now stay away from the crazy stuff! washingtontimes.com/news/202…
If Republicans had the same courage to save the party that the Ukrainians have to save their country. This guy would be gone.
Chris Christie: “We have a former president of the US who said ‘I declassified the documents thinking about it'. Imagine all I could have accomplished if I only knew that I didn’t actually have to do it. I just had to think about it — this is a credible candidate for 2024.”
ABC Michigan is still there. Until the end. First in, last out.
This is what 6 weeks of near-darkness on the airwaves does to you. She seems to have been left for dead by her key supporters, and now the legislature is at risk as a result. SMH. freep.com/story/news/politic…
Say what you will but what a fucking nutty year with the biggest nuts in the state
NEWS: Mellissa Carone, the U.S Taxpayers Party's nominee for lieutenant governor, split with her own running mate Tuesday and endorsed Republican Tudor Dixon for governor. detroitnews.com/story/news/p…
DIXON CAMPAIGN TOUTS 22 SHERIFFS IN SUPPORT OF PUBLIC SAFETY PLAN: Twenty-two among Michigan's 83 county sheriffs on Wednesday pledged their endorsement to Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, who is seeking the office against incumbent Governor Gretchen Whitmer.
This eliminates 78% of Michigan’s construction from working on these jobs. Shovel-ready jobs make great photos that may make voters happy, but those smiles fade when taxpayers see the price tag. We deserve better. PLA schemes are not the answer to building
We deserve better.