The best things in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and bees. 馃幎馃幎 #btc #cnft 鉁岎煆火煔 @adanerds @YummiUniverse @ratsdao 馃嚞馃嚬馃嚚馃嚘

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This is all I watch during my free time. On YouTube, IG and Tiktok. Shitty, unbalanced, and abusive relationships are sadly relatable to many. The trial is exposing what happens behind closed doors and we're on the edge of our chairs hoping for justice.
i'm gonna be honest, this thing is absolutely massive on the internet, and i don't think people in traditional media recognize that. it's a deadly combo of stan culture meeting incels and radfems and i wonder what its impact is going to be on culture in general.
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Exactly. Once you're out of the womb, these US politicians don't care. #SCOTUS #scotusIsCompromised #RoeVsWade #WomensRights
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fuck scotus
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You could bring it to 0 and it still wouldn't shake me out..
Things got really bad after Vitalik made airplane sounds on our podcast
Let's gooooooo!!! 馃ゲ
98.5% of #crypto coins are down more than 90% from their all time highs. FUN 馃槵
This is the full of happiness and cuddles tweet I needed today. 馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ
I was about to water my plants and then
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BREAKING: El Salvador has deployed capital to purchase another 12.4 bitcoins
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How it started How it's going
This. Let's also not forget that both Trump and Biden made the printer go brrrrrrrr. Stock market stayed fake afloat with the pandemic with of the incoming cash injection into the country. Inflation was bound to happen sooner or later.
1. Inflation 2. Inflation 3. Inflation 4. Inflation 5. Wat Cause of inflation: COVID-19 pandemic, central bank monetary policy, war in Ukraine. None of those things are controlled by the president.
Caring for someone with demetia is literally one of the hardest things.
Holy shit.
馃毃BREAKING: Bored Ape Yacht Club and Otherside Metaverse Discord servers have been hacked. Millions worth of #NFTs reportedly stolen.
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To the moon!!! 馃殌馃殌馃殌
Let me fill my bags! 馃挵馃挵馃挵
The only reason to buy $LUNA 2.0 is to qualify for the next airdrop of $LUNA 3.0 after it goes to zero like $LUNA 1.0
How can anyone trust this project? Should just become a meme coin and stop pretending.
Lost 50k on $LUNA and got an airdrop of $112 Prefer the complete rug. That small airdrop is like extra needle salt in the wound
Welp, I know it's not covid but my immune system had me on fire all day. 馃ゲ馃槾馃殥 Can't even handle a cold these days. 馃槃
Jon Snow be like... 馃く馃く
"True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing." - Socrates
If this happens, how much are we buying? 馃槃 #buythedip
$ADA another cult coin that will drop below $0.10.
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Savage. 馃ぃ馃ぃ
After my profound and extensive research over the last five years and a half I figured why #ETH is crashing today vs. #Bitcoin. Because it's a shitcoin. That's it.
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