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Replying to @AmoneyResists
Why all the quotation marks though?
Replying to @michaelianblack
So Meghann must have reached out.
Replying to @TankSchottle
Dolly!?!?!? Dude, you met the Queen!!!! So jealous. Great weekend, Tank!
Replying to @notcapnamerica
Is his name Tucker Carlson? (crosses fingers)
Wait, her defense is that she is too stupid to write a cogent sentence? What she means makes no sense. What does “children grifters” mean?
Replying to @MikeMcCreadyPJ
Thank you Mike. Always on the right side of history.
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Tank!!! You post a clean sheet? No goals allowed!?!? Who cares!!!!! You won!!
I think I have had the most amazing experience of my life. It is exhilarating, terrifying and energizing all at once. Either that or something of serious concern may have transpired.
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A legal nuclear bomb. Just straight spitting righteous venom at the Chief Justice. Unprecedented but it should be followed en masse. I doubt many are as brave.
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Radiologist? Fuxkin’ not even a doctor, Coach! 100% warranted.
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Hey, credit where credit is due. You did go in there, every day, and just get your ass handed to you repeatedly. Yet always came back for more, and took the dunkings with aplomb. Kudos.
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Very sad. He always eas a joy to watch and this movie is a Stone. Cold. Classic. He will be missed.
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Has she seen your husband’s flaccid member, too? Like those children did.
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I heard she works in a tire store now.
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It’s not hard. No unique skills required.
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I think the US government needs to take over the means of production for baby formula. Only way to insure enough formula for every child; it’s what the GOP wants.