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I can just wait for a cop to do it. When I’m unarmed and committing no crime.
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Yes we have. We all have. Truly a disgrace and a deep stain that won’t be washed away. Ever.
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Ha! Great argument for peace. Loon.
My streak of never losing an intellectual argument with a MAGAt continues unbroken. Amazing how stupid they are. Amazing.
Go fuck yourself and your politics. Blood on your hands, fuckwit.
Replying to @POTUS
Are there not people in your administration capable of understanding that your Tweets coupled with inaction is seen as an attack on your base? Doing nothing is an insult to everyone that voted for you, and the right doesn’t give a fuck what you say. Stop it.
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You are literally THE PRESIDENT! Yet you are on Twitter saying this shit like every other outraged American. Difference is we are powerless! You are not!!! Stop Tweeting and DO SOMETHING.
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You are feckless and worthless. Cede your position to someone, anyone, willing to fight for America. Your cowardice in the face of evil makes you an accomplice. And stop sending me requests for more money when you do NOTHING.
And, I am happy to show you a now-deleted post by GOP Congressman Paul Godard, you probably like him, if you want to talk about bringing race into it. I doubt you have any outrage there, though.
You must have no idea how much systemic racism is at the root of this. And you don’t get to decide how we express our outrage at the ongoing carnage.
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Get the Senate to put the background check bill to a vote. Dems need to fight.
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Reading isn’t their strong suit.
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Beto, as has been said. You get your ass there. You get them going in. You put them on the record. Hold them accountable, don’t ask them for decency they don’t possess.
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We can try to vote it out of office, however.