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Novels published in 2022 that I've read 馃憞
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So die then
These things are so funny
an indie horror classic
I have 100% completed my new theatrical feature film, my 6th !! Don't have a website yet. It's amazing !! You will love it, very different. Follow me and I'll post updates. Film festivals here we come. Thanks for the Indie support !!
The exciting part of this is that it's by the co-writer of Malignant
Taissa Farmiga Returning for 鈥楾he Nun聽2鈥 variety.com/2022/film/news/n鈥
Love when actual rapists spoil movies for fun
Avatar haters forgetting that Endgame was re-released with bonus scenes with unfinished effects
鈥楢VATAR鈥 has passed $2.9 billion at the worldwide box office.
Catching up on the Hellraiser sequels the way they were meant to be seen - on double-sided discs with no hint of which side the movie you want to watch is on
Greatest comic strip of all time
Fun Fact: TODAY marks the 72 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the very FIRST Peanuts comic strip, that first debuted in newspapers on October 2, 1950!
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This movie rules.
Rewatching UNDER THE SILVER LAKE (2018) -I found its LA sun-drenched, Pynchonian, Gould-esque energy in tune with other rocambolesque, deranged noirs of the past - HIS KIND OF WOMAN comes to mind- I liked it then- and I like it even better this second time around.
Groups of people collectively organizing is good, but only if it's one man, one woman, and two and a half children. Otherwise, that's socialism.
The sexual revolution has promised liberation and happiness for women, but it has failed to deliver on both. We have replaced an ideal of family for an ideal of atomistic individualism, and the consequences on Western civilization have been disastrous.
Hearing concerning reports that Rihanna is planning to get low while wearing Washington's historical dentures at the Super Bowl.
Good thing we created a government with no mechanism to remove such people when half the elected politicians are just as insane.
Marjorie Taylor Greene: "I am not going to mince words with you all. Democrats want Republicans dead and they have already started the killings." This rhetoric is dangerous and unacceptable.
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they should start calling Chicago The First City if you ask me
I can't think of a single thing a white man has to be afraid about saying, or hasn't said to exhaustion already.
The reason you don't know the inner thoughts of White men is because you trained us to lie to you. If one of us ever decides to tell the truth, you're in for the mindfuck of your life.
Happy first day of Rob Zombie's Halloween II (2009) appreciation month to all who celebrate!
They can log off and not read them. How's that my responsibility?
How do Republicans explain this blatant hypocrisy? I know politicians don't care, I want to know how Republican voters explain not supporting either gun control or mental health help. They claim to be against crime but refuse to help end their own stated cause of school shootings
鈥淚t鈥檚 not a gun issue it鈥檚 a mental health issue鈥
Support for these families. The police must be held accountable for aiding and abetting these murders.
Families of the Uvalde shooting victims have been camping for 60 straight hours outside UCISD offices to demand an investigation into the school district's police force. They鈥檙e asking people to show up and join them in Uvalde indefinitely:
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This is brilliant
This is kind of cheating, but I edited Tim Burton's Batman (1989) into a silent film and I rewatch it so often. One of my favorite creative exercises I've ever done, speaks to Burton's visual genius that the film still works so well without sound.
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So鈥 lemme get this straight鈥 鈥淒efund the police鈥 in response to their brutal murders of black people 鈥渢oo far left鈥漛ut DEFUND THE LITERAL DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE is just a regular thing white folks are allowed to say I鈥檓 in support of their King. Am I getting this right?
Why would anyone support a bill that gives $140 MILLION to the same Department of Justice that raided President Trump's home?