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@WarzoneMobile 2 things: 1) Aim Shake (shaking of ironsight) on guns needs to be lowered. Can't keep track of enemy properly, major problem at mid-long range 2) Hitmarker icon is big and distracting. Needs to be smaller. Visibility issues at mid-long range A little feedback 馃檹
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Be better @PlayApexMobile A lot of us still have faith. <3
Yup ,I'm sorry.Finally my only cheer team advance to stage 5. 2020 NRX stage 5 cancel who?
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So @RealBobbyPlays ,ksp nerf is like mx9 nerf.Straight becomes a bad gun.Try it.Why can't @PlayCODMobile just nerf the important factor like Kilo 141 only nerf headshot or Type 25 only nerf bsa.KSP nerf reminds me of evey old top 1 gun got massive nerf making it bad
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@PlayCODMobile Why give Bots Shotgun? 馃う鈥嶁檪锔 They track us through walls, never miss, always 1-Shot kill, and it ruins the fun cause we can't evade it and makes us lose streaks unnecessarily. Really, ruins the fun in pubs especially on smaller maps like Shipment. Do look into it :/
If you see @PlayCODMobile said we going to adjust the gun,it's usually means it's a nerf.Cuz prenerf HVK just need increase mag to be good,now new hvk need increase firerate ,allow 3 shot at stomach,more mag."Adjust" hvk just got nerf on firerate and cant 3 tap on stomach anymore
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Hey @PlayApexMobile I hope I won't see mission of kill enemy in Encore galore.Sick of keep doing same mission by killing enemy there.VERY EXHAUSTED.Worst part is you can't stand there and kill enemy outside the area.And don't wan see use rhapsody cuz I only reach tier 19
Come on ,where got 3 years of us using AK47.We change from Ak117 to AK47 to Holger to M4 then suddenly dev decides to remove damage drop after 25m on AK47 and some other guns to force ourself use AK47
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Hey @PlayApexMobile ,you're Apex ,not smart strategy like codm ,codm is possible to reach tier 21 to use new guns ,apex is impossible to reach tier 25 to get new legend. You making it obvious of money hunger asking players to spend 750 gold for legend or spend Battle pass plus
Codm realize do mission is harder to earn BP 3 years ago yet 3 years later apex mobile de making same mistake by bringing earn BP XP thru mission.Just implement keep playing can earn BP xp instead of doing mission.
Pros Players: Can reach max BP easier No need to busy tracking mission No need do daily mission Just keep playing Pros Dev: Save time finding new Weekly mission Save time finding season mission Make games simple to understand Make game designer effort easier Coding easier?馃
What the hell @PlayApexMobile I kill 6 players myself at encore galore ,teammates so far ,even proof teammates didn't revive me.PLS don't be like S0 i 4 tiers away to get legendary r99 but thanks to bug like mission not counted ,I can't get it.EXPLAIN
First @PlayApexMobile week 5 week 6 is lock so can't compete mission ,second BP is lock
So apparently old @RealBobbyPlays coming back with no gunsmith on his latest MOW video ,this video turns into no purpose. Watch whole video waiting for the gunsmith so I give a dislike button for a trade.Correct me if I'm from ,the gunsmith inside the video?
So @PlayApexMobile lie to whole world that we can get free 5 box for update early and 800 gold for premium pass. Best part is their lies start on first month of apex global launch馃槩.My heart are very pain and sad with action of apex dev.I'm from Malaysia
Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! No I don't馃槕馃槀 #MyTwitterAnniversary鈥 Hi @RealBobbyPlays I'm the one who said Oden can 126ms in MP and best weapon in BR in your Trovo live stream :)
Dear lovely @PlayApexMobile ,Are you out of your mind?In beta got so much epic that cost 2,000 flux each and now global only got 2馃拃 and cost 15,000 flux each.Anf the Battle Pass is P2W ,forcing people to spend premium pass plus cuz premium pass can't reach tier 50 before 6/15/22
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EA has given me 10 BUNDLE codes to giveaway in Apex Legends Mobile馃殌 To enter: -Like this post -Retweet this post -Follow me (@SonhoMobile) Winners announced in 48 hours. #ApexLegendsMobile
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