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LeoTerrell, We’re all tired of the Democratic Party is doing the same thing wrong over and over again. Vote Republicans All the time to help President Trump in a second term ( 2024 ).
This fake news and morel wrong.
It’s mortal sin. To kill a unborn baby.
This is fake news. A unborn child is a new human being . This is God’s gift to all new mothers.
My wife Jean and I disagree with Doctor Fauce, lied to the people about Coves 19.
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My wife Jean and I disagree with Gender Education in our Schools. This is parents responsible to protect our children
Plus George Sores thugs, who wants to destroy our country. This will never happened. God Bess the United States 🇺🇸.
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My wife Jean and I would like the those who damaged the Lincoln Memorial to replace and pay for all there damage know.
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My wife Jean and I love,and pray for God’s Blessings for Pope Frances.
Sarah Palin 💯 percent right. When President Trump returns in 2024.
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This is fake news
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Joe Biden is going to disstroy our country. Raise taxes and not taking care of our citizen’s/ economy/closing our southern border.
Peter Navarro is 💯 precent right. President Trump will have a second term, ( 2024 ).
Megykelly and @ Ericboilling theDemocratic Party do divide the country with Racist rhetoric and do not sove problems. The Democratic Party / Soloist Party are working together to destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
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Sorry couples who adopted a child is a gift from our lord. My wife Jean and I adopted two children and than our God for his gift to us.
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My wife Jean and I send our condolences and pray for the repose of the soul of Father Dana Cristensen.
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Sorry, Supreme Court,Ashton protect the unborn
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Packing the Supreme Court is against our Constitution.
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Rep. Jim Jordan, is 💯 percent right. Packing the Supreme Court