Central Craigavon Needs a Rail Halt. A rail halt will draw investment into central Craigavon, creating jobs. It will also lessen congestion in Lurgan and Portadown making the towns more shopper friendly, with parking made available for shoppers rather than just commuters.

Nov 15, 2021 · 7:28 PM UTC

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Be a great addition to Craigavon, location wise I'd put it at Highfield within walking distance to Rushmere.
Exactly & connected to the black paths for ease of cycling & walking.
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What about Fermanagh?? Typical tyrone bias from you Wolfie....
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Let's also lessen congestion by redesigning Garvaghy Road & reallocate the wasted space by utilising active travel infrastructure...get people out of their cars, get kids onto bikes for the school run & make it safe for everyone ... GET IT BUILT!