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Believe in Small Govnt, Personal Responsibility & Freedom of Expression. Despise EU, WEF, UN, WHO, PC, Eco Mobs & Thought Crime Sanctions.

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Very bad prank! 😬
Ross_co_Jones 
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The numbers are out. Over the last 3 years WCs have dumped sewage into our rivers and seas a total of 7,468,602 hours on 1,076,657 separate occasions a daily average of 983 time per day. "Exceptional situations"? There are none and gov knows it.…
That is a very sensible initiative. Let’s hope other #police forces follow this lead.
Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police scrap requirement for new officers to have a degree
Isn’t it time to bring #Honesty and #Integrity into politics. I am sick of Tory and Labour sleaze.
🚨MPs FOR HIRE: a Led By Donkeys undercover investigation🚨 Watch the trailer…
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How could ANYONE say that the Framework agreement has changed anything fundamental in the Protocol It has imbedded EU law and court even more to break NI from the rest of the U.K. No Unionist can return to Stormont to implement the break up of the Union Belfast/GFA is broken
'Not a single European Union law that applies to Northern Ireland under the protocol will be removed by the Windsor Framework.' Barrister specialising in EU law Martin Howe QC joins @Jacob_Rees_Mogg to discuss the 'extremely restrictive' aspects of The Windsor Framework.
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Here's a no-paywall link to the original Bloomberg piece on potentially iffy trading costing UK electricity billpayers £500m We need electricity market reform urgently (eg we waste billions by not handling variability well, we can't build new stuff..)…
I wish #cyclists would not cycle two-abreast on narrow roads as the new Highway Code makes over-taking in a car an offence. It’s just plain selfish. A hoot of the horn got one behind the other, allowing me to pass.
If commercial companies operated with this level of inadequate control, people would be fired. Why is there no accountability for incompetence in this #Tory Government? Why should hard working taxpayers have to fund the loss? Is this why #JeremyHunt froze our personal…
Government Recovers Just 1% of £1.1 Billion Covid Business Grant Fraud…
Never taken a #microwaveoven apart before, but ours has failed and the magnetron seems to be ok. Looks like we need a new one. 🙁
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The left have now infiltrated our legal system & declare climate ‘crisis’ activists as innocent & will not be prosecuted @Togetherdec @alanvibe @CAR26_ORG @OrthCons @Iromg @JuliaHB1 @clim8resistance @cmackinlay @LanceForman @LoisPerry26 @pmbbiggsy @iancollinsuk @MartinDaubney
The #ClimateEmergency is not about weather control, it’s about instilling fear in the population to make ordinary people easier to control. Hence ban on new ICE cars, natural gas and the #15minutecities which are cells.
1,100 eminent Scientists declare: ‘There is NO climate emergency’.
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Replying to @SteveBakerHW
You sold out brexit and Northern Ireland. After 38yrs voting Conservative. I will now vote reform.
Military families to be forced from their homes to allow migrants to be housed in their place. The Conservative Party policy is unacceptable.
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Utter tripe. Every single word of this tweet (written by a man who travels everywhere by chauffeur driven Range Rover) is false.
Act now, or it will be too late. That’s the message climate experts desperately need us all to hear. The most vulnerable people on Earth are already bearing the brunt of the climate crisis. The clock is ticking for governments to get their act together.…
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I was struck by some figures I saw on Twitter recently about the percentage of migrants to the UK who have acquired social housing tenancies. 1/
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Leader @TiceRichard welcomed numerous former MEPs to Reform UK at our press conference this morning! Welcome onboard 🤝
Sunak has attempted to pull the wool over the eyes of MPs and the electorate by attempting to betray #NorthernIreland. The #Tories can never be trusted on #brexit.
Rishi Sunak will be forced to lie to the Commons today to get his Brexit sell-out vote passed. “Practically useless” - Legal report slams Sunak’s EU deal on every level. Your #Brexit summary is here :… And please retweet!
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Doesn't everyone know? It's part of UN Agenda 21, that UK government's plans follow, enforced by "Behavioural Change". It means they pass laws to make you do what you would not otherwise. They will control transport, what you can consume & where you live. Your future. Get a copy.
Now I understand! 15 minute cities mean that ordinary people have no personal transport, have to walk everywhere and ask their overlord's permission to step outside their designated zone. A cross between East Berlin and medieval peasantry. #15minutescities Any thoughts?