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Well here we are again. 1/3 of a century done now.
Remember when MySpace did “Top friends”? I used to turn 😡 when I didn’t appear in them 😂🙈
Running these goddesses down for the last time. On Thursday, the tub is ripped out before the bathroom is decorated and replaced with a walk-in shower. I love my baths. But I have to let go. And yes, I am in the bath now.
Robert Peston, the journalist, who can’t listen to questions properly, let alone give the right answer. The irony. #TippingPoint
Perfect end eh?
“Where’s the.. umm…” *sigh*.. “when’s the one that’s being invaded on?” Ukraine? You’ve missed it mum. #Eurovision
Why do the presenters on The Daily Climate Show on #SkyNews wear shiny new white trainers? This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this and it just seems weird that it gets to screen?
Happy Sunday 🐾
I’m confused.. do they or not?
And if you look at picture three you’ll see the back of me in my shorts… Nice to see a bit of Royalty and @michaelgove in Poundbury.
Ready, Set… Play! 🛝 A very jolly afternoon in Poundbury opening the new Great Field Play Area - enjoy!
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Oh… nothing to see here. Just a Russian-state TV animation of our ‘little’ Island being obliterated by a nuclear missile! 😵‍💫
It's Sunday night in Russia which means that state TV's Dmitry Kiselyov is talking about Russia using its nukes This time, with the help of a terrifying cartoon, he claims that "one Sarmat missile is enough to sink the British Isles" (with subs)
Jeepers 😬
More extreme close-range footage of destructive #tornado going through Andover Ks. Had bird in the air, attempted to deploy pressure and tornado was on top of me. Went from 10 to 300 mph in seconds
Wordle 307 1/6 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
Is it a bird? Is it a meteorite? No it’s a Polish Airlines flight bound for Miami (I think) 📱☀️✈️😂 @ryanplb11 what dyu think?