Christian. Retired RN. 2 beautiful daughters +3 grandchildren. The best husband in the world. I garden, sew, can goods and craft. I'm a patriot of the USA.

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Yes. Noting NYS ME offices and hospitals are still requiring masks! Sick of this manipulation!
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You are absolutely on point. Blame this Biden regime!
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You are sounding like an obvious bot.
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Did not Chuck Schumer encourage and incite this violence? Did not M. Waters incite violence? Why are Democratic politicians allowed to promote acts of this nature without being arrested???
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Now, Putin is destroying child slavery, bio-labs and deep state/ cabal abominations and he is untouchable. Thank God!!!
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Well one true statement by Biden. He is the only "President" in history that is presently trying to destroy the USA! !!
Yes, please call an Uber to remind the deep state that they ALWAYS knows where the mules are. And so do the patriots!!!
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1000 % concur!!!
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Bot. Recall Biden's withdrawal from Afghanistan???
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On Memorial Day, We The People, remember how many lives were lost and will continue to be lost due to the, "Biden Regime Administration." I pray to GOD every moment of each day that God will deliver us from you ,satan.
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How does one person, one Congress or supreme court JUSTIFY murder??? Did you know, life begins, AT THE MOMENT of Conception? Did you know, In the beginning there IS light? Look under the microscope!!!
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Praying for your real concerns about, " We The People. "