Just the facts, ma’am. I’m at least 51% corn. Vaxxed AF

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I really need to get back to rage tweeting at Republicans
My father my father my father. He’s a fucking nitwit
Eric Trump complains about my clip of Laura Trump filming their son riding his Hot Wheels during the hurricane: “The media is sick in this country. They will do anything they can to mock and defame. They will take great people and try and belittle them.”
Straight up bullshit
Opening Prayer: Employ them as ramparts against anyone who would confuse the objective truths of your natural law demonstrated quite clearly in human sexuality… crush the absolute devilry of proposal 3.
This list makes me sick
Elon Musk is now America’s richest person. Musk was worth $251 billion, putting him way ahead of Amazon chief Jeff Bezos, who ranked second with $151 billion. And Mark Zuckerberg fails to make the top 10 for the first time in years. trib.al/zGwUJdk
Brutal brutal brutal loss
Gotta give it to CRod there
We couldn’t have worse and we are only down 7. LFG! #BBN
Aw man
Coolio died Wednesday in Los Angeles ... TMZ has learned. tmz.com/2022/09/28/coolio-de…
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Dr Oz = grifter
In 2014, Canadian researchers watched 40 random episodes of 'The Dr. Oz Show' and found that roughly 40% of the medical advice wasn't based on evidence They also found that 15% of the show's advice directly contradicted any evidence
Look at this. Putin’s Russia. (Via @SobolLubov)
These people live in an alternate universe
When asked about certifying the 2020 election, AZ GOP sec. of state nominee Mark Finchem spews election fraud conspiracy theories, citing "2000 mules" as his evidence.
What the fuck is wrong with these people. Abbott has been one of the worst governors in American history. Propaganda is powerful
Texas Governor Poll: Abbott (R-Inc) 50% (+7) O'Rourke (D) 43% @SienaResearch (9/14-9/18, LV) scribd.com/document/59596028…
Massive 41,000 people watching final round of @LIVGolfInv this afternoon. 🤣
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Here is the SEC Network story on Stoops and Youngstown roots
SEC Network
Nonsense. These fucking guys….
Majewski: My pronouns are patriot ass kicker… I got eagle bumps. We don’t get goosebumps here. If you’re at a Trump rally, you get eagle bumps
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.@federalreserve's own research warns that extreme interest rate hikes could spark a recession.   Chair Powell told @SenateBanking that spiking interest rates won't lower food or gas prices—and I warned the Fed could toss millions of Americans out of work. theintercept.com/2022/09/09/…
Maybe if his father taught him about love and compassion Dennis Prager wouldn’t be a complete and total sociopath but alas he did not and we have another right wing piece of shit
Dennis Prager complains about a school sign reading 'The world is better because you are in it': "What a stupid message. Plus it's not true. What has any 5th grader done to have made the world better because he or she is in it?"
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Fucking weirdos
Blowing the shofars at Eric Trump and Michael Flynn’s event in Idaho today to get things going.