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Hey this is kinda fun. Ovechkin is about to be the all-time leader in Hockey Reference's adjusted goals #ALLCAPS
Yall gotta stop hittin Tress Way, man
England may have the worst font of all-time #FIFAWorldCup
Are the Mets getting any residuals for all this "believe" stuff #FIFAWorldCup
How does this game not have a timekeeper #FIFAWorldCup
Is this something I should be upset about? Is a tie bad? I know sometimes losing doesn't matter. I think. Does anyone actually care about goals in soccer? #FIFAWorldCup
This isn't amazing Noam. I don't want to hear about more workers slaving away so I can see pictures of cats
The worst part about the World Cup is when they try to force synonymous sports lingo on our American ears. How dare you say "clean sheet" to me #FIFAWorldCup
They've taken care of abortion and now contraception is next. Leonard Leo has spent decades forming the courts in his vision and has 6 hand-picked SCOTUS Justices now. Federal oversight and personal privacy are very much in real danger
Conservative group sues FDA to revoke approval of abortion pill
So Spyro and World of Warcraft are canon to each other now?
Went to @Walgreens today for my COVID booster & flu shot. They asked for my insurance card(which seems weird for a free vaccine, as advertised in their store) I give them my VA health card. They say the COVID booster is free but have to pay $70 for the flu shot. God bless America
Anyways, this is a great time to gamble on a potential "new Twitter" and grab a handle to hold hostage
Man this thing sucks
This very clearly violates the First Amendment. Elon Musk will definitely speak out against this, right?
Texas introduced a bill that would criminally charge venues that have drag shows with a Class A misdemeanor if they permit minors to enter at any time. The bill defines drag as essentially any trans person performing at all.…
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Trump said he's gonna require voter ID universally. The state he votes in has no voter ID. (Also has no excuse absentee/mail voting, early voting and counts way beyond election day)
How is Troy Aikman actually arguing for making penalties in place for player safety to be discretionary lmao
Joe Buck: Heinecke deserves to keep rolling at QB ESPN: *flashes graphic showing 0 TDs tonight* #MNF
Thinking about that time I thought I was getting nuked and after a few minutes of not being blown up, Twitter is where I went looking for answers. Could you imagine Elon Musk Twitter existing during this event?
Lmao Elon Musk getting filed under the garbage tweet section by Twitter