The only thing that's kept us from sliding into the abyss of mob rule is the fact that not all of our government positions are chosen by the mob.

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Merrick Garland shows us all what a mistake it is to use the Office of Attorney General as a participation trophy.
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Yuri Bezmenov on ideological subversion. Stage 1. Demoralization. Stage 2. Destabilization. Stage 3. Crisis. Stage 4. Normalization.
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.@RepLizCheney believes she is as important as the media lied her to be.
.@RepLizCheney on the 2024 presidential election: "I'm going to make sure Donald Trump, I'm going to do everything I can to make sure he is not the nominee. And if he is the nominee, I won't be a Republican."
You know, @PressSec, if your administration was either as clear or consistent in its messaging as you repeatedly claim, you wouldn't face nearly as many questions about things you don't want to discuss.
Communism is the use of control and subjugation in pursuit of a fanciful economic utopia. Socialism is the use of a fanciful economic utopia in pursuit of control and subjugation.
Leftists all over the world are freaking out because they never realized that showing us all who they really are would show us who they really are. #crymore #bye
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.@TomFitton: Biden Raid on Trump Home Was ELECTION INTERFERENCE!
The very idea that if you give government your money they'll control the weather should be immediately called for bullshit. #ClimateScam #ClimateCrisis #GreenNewFantasy
Excuse me for pushing back against your arrogant rant on @FoxNews Live, @RepAlGreen, but when you say people needed groceries, rent, shots in arms, etc., and "we provided that," you're wrong. American taxpayers provided that and - we'll be paying it off for decades to come.
I know it's necessary, but to have experts say that @staceyabrams is wrong about something just seems redundant.
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Dude. You froze my bank account.
Canada strongly supports people who are expressing themselves and protesting peacefully in Iran. We are calling on the Iranian regime to end its repression of freedom of expression – and to end the ongoing harassment of, and discrimination against, women.
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Our energy sector is under attack; recession is here, whether you're told so or not; there's a push to disarm the populace; and crime is insane because leftists won't prosecute. How long do the control freaks think it will take before Americans beg them to take the country over?
As disturbing as it sounds, @PressSec and White House talking heads confirm that when @POTUS speaks, he speaks only for himself. @JoeBiden does not speak for the country, the government, or his administration.
Occasionally, a leftist will tell me I'm "part of the problem." Don't kid yourself, control freak - I'm the entire problem. It isn't about Trump; it isn't about MAGA - it's about you. I'm sick of your bullshit.
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Pure desperation but if anyone was near the Prospect Park Carousel today and saw/lifted this very well-loved stuffed cat I'll pay ransom to get her back!!!!
After every @JoeBiden interview, there are always questions as to who is in charge - President Magoo will say something ie: troops defending Taiwan and White House staff scramble to walk it back. Maybe @60Minutes should just interview the Easter Bunny and cut the confusion.
Now that I know your company finds abuse of power humorous...
Now that you know we exist... you should really try our pillowy biscuits.
It's worth repeating that the resistance to the entitled control freaks is not about Trump. Its about the control freaks. #Democrat #Biden
The narrative that inflation is flat is not the winning point Bernstein thinks it is, @ShannonBream. The reality is, prices are high and the salient point is, they're not coming down. The administration's talking point is a clear indication of just how tone deaf it is.