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Dominic Raab says the public are concerned about street crime โ€ฆ correct Downing Street Crime #JohnsonOut117
#Brexit impact on Ireland imagined: le navel enorme #BrexitLies #JohnsonOut115
So pleased to see Liz Truss become a genuine expert on Irish matters: she was, after all, the Minister who told a US audience three years ago that Brexit would not have any serious impact in Irelandโ€ฆit would merely โ€œaffect a few farmers with turnips in the back of their trucksโ€.
#C4News The Conservatives: the Party for Privilege Parties, Porn, Perverts Perjurers and Pathological liars
#r4today Boris Johnson must be annoyed with the idiot who placed a border down the Irish Sea โ€ฆ. Oh wait โ€ฆ
UK is with EU
#ToryBudgetingTips. The undeserving poor need to work harder, longer or get a new job says the useless out of touch Rachel Mclean on her ยฃ100,000 plus salary
The problem the DUP have is the Border in the Irish Sea โ€ฆ changing the Protocol does not get rid of the DUPโ€™s problem. #r4today
Everyone knew he was a fucking liar but still they lapped him up โ€ฆ time to spit him out #JohnsonOut111
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