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You were busy bridging memecoins. We were busy bridging DeFi with institutional finance. We are not the same.
Tried a new cryptocurrency exchange, was very impressed @fireflyprotocol
Verifying my Twitter account for my #GalaxyID gid:c7rbCDDWjAw38HnpNfAeqK @ProjectGalaxyHQ galaxy.eco/galaxyid
How about some tier-1 banking solutions? Here is one for ya - #meanfinance! Come check with @meanfinance.
It's time to get started, people! Believe me when I say that I've been on the fence on this one for quite some time, and wow am I glad to see @fluxprotocol taking some bold steps! #courage #respect
Definitely an improvement.
We are excited to announce a partnership with @graphprotocol to integrate indexed data with smart contracts!🚀 learn more in the article linked below👇
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Thanks for looking out for us!!!
⛔️ Caution ⛔️ There are fake team members messaging people in the Flux Telegram community. No one from the Flux Team will ever DM you first, ask for funds, or anything at all!
I’m gonna be filthy rich.
The FLX Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool is now live on @CopperLaunch 🚀 Only official links are below ⬇️ Copper Launch: copperlaunch.com/auctions/0x… Alternative Link: swap.flux.xyz Disclaimer and FAQ below 🧵
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Ladies and gentlemen - grab yer wallets.
The only place to purchase $FLX is through the official @CopperLaunch interface @ swap.flux.xyz 🚨 Beware of scams 🚨 Always verify the token address $FLX: etherscan.io/token/0x3ea8ea4…
Although it isn’t very big still, the @fluxprotocol is definitely developing in the right direction. I’m sure about this after reading their DAO, which is readily available on their page. #progress #success
Web3? Nice! This is a good choice!
We are thrilled to be partnering with @Figment_io to provide economically secure, permission-less data on-chain with a robust validator infrastructure 🚀
Oh no, hopefully this won’t drive people away from us.
🚨there is a fake token sale announcement 🚨 https://fluxprotocol (dot) site is not affiliated with our project $FLX will be listed on @BalancerLabs via @CopperLaunch and the only verified domains are fluxprotocol.org and flux.xyz
Well did not see that coming hah.😁😇
🙌After Portal’s successful fundraise of $8.5 Million from the biggest #blockchain & #DeFi investors, we are set for our next big milestone #Portal Offering is coming soon on @JoinRepublic Read more: medium.com/portal-finance/po… 👉Due Diligence Sign-up Form: go.portaldefi.com/whitelist-…
Replying to @fluxprotocol
1/ To learn more about the Flux LBP, read more here 🤓 fluxprotocol.medium.com/anno… For quick facts, check out the thread below 🧵👇
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Good content as always
Announcing the $FLX LBP on @BalancerLabs via @CopperLaunch! 🎉 Learn more! 👇👇👇
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The thing that confuses me most about #trustless aggregator is that I can absolutely 🤝trust🤝 @fluxprotocol! Now, how does that work, ha-ha? Pretty amazing. I’m really grateful for all the work the creators have done.
Oh my goodness! The #DAO from @Fluxprotocol has now been published just some time ago, and now the #whitepaper! It's encouraging to see that they're genuinely working and not just wasting their time.