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That’s due to the intellectual level of the debate, not the virtues of the argument. Generation-high inflation would be a great time for a SITYS oppo. econ lesson minimum wage hikes and purchasing power, but it’s not happening.
Lots of rich people RTing this…
Republicans fight for the rich. Democrats fight for the rest of us. VOTE ACCORDINGLY.
Same way it worked for low income people who lost their jobs because they refused to get vaccinated. Someone will shake their head and say “choices have consequences”
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Was it not legal for Americans to get abortions there already?
Uncharted territory here: Our elected officials have spent their careers meaninglessly genuflecting on this issue, thanks to the monopoly of the court; they really have no idea whose electoral propaganda is right
The Senate is going to vote next week on the Women's Health Protection Act to codify a woman’s right to seek an abortion into federal law. I will file cloture on this vital legislation Monday, and that will set up a vote Wednesday. Americans will see where every senator stands.
I get the feeling @DefiantLs is going to have one heck of a week
Almost as good as “she was asking for it in that skirt!”, nice one!
But it is a winning argument for keeping Roe around forever. Got it.
“Women can’t have rights because they have a deeply rooted history of not having rights” is not the winning argument Republicans think it is.
Anyone want to go for an over/under on how close we are to a leftist Jan.6 “insurrection” at SCOTUS?
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They were *almost* convinced to vote Biden out, tho! We got *so close* to taking Pelosi’s seat!
Making hay off your innumeracy
All the talk about the deficit from my Republican friends in Congress – I love it. I’ve reduced it $350 billion in my first year in office.
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“There’s no such thing as a female orgasm, I’ve never seen even one…”
This is not unlike the pursuit of minority votes by mainstream candidates, who invariably need the white male vote to win
The lefty argument that "abortion is about women, I don't care what men have to say" just doesn't hold water. Men vote. Men vote for politicians who pick judges who rule on abortion. You can ignore what men say but that seems foolish given that men are part of any legal solution.
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What a bunch of losers you are
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Narrator: it wasn’t a change in tone, just a change in audience
One could say the same of denying or negotiating away personhood for particularly helpless and inconvenient Homo sapiens
I remember anti-vaxxers facing similar predicaments from their “choices”, but no guffaws this time round
Overturning Roe v. Wade would force some women to carry unplanned pregnancies to term, affecting their education, career advancement, earning power and ability to build wealth.
Live by the robed oracles, die by the robed oracles….
If Collins and Murkowski want to compensate for their monumental f-up of believing Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Comey Barrett about not overturning Roe, they could caucus with the 48 good Democrats, and vote to limit the filibuster on this issue alone. It’s how they clear their names.
Now you’ll finally get to find out
I wonder if this guy expected pics of 12” coffins surrounded by floral arrangements all over the responses…
This is a change of tone for me on here but I don’t think anybody actually believes fetuses are people. I think they’re lying. There are almost 1,000,000 miscarriages each year in America, it happens to almost everybody. But we’re not constantly getting invited to the funerals.
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