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Get a calendar. It's not 1787. Things have changed.
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Because OUR corrupt,torturing,murdering, coup fomenting, planet destroying oligarchs are better than THEIR corrupt, torturing, coup fomenting, planet destroying oligarchs.
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It wasn't an invasion, but the US bombing of Laos was a monstrous, senseless, cruel crime against humanity that seems to have memory holed by august personages like yourself.
Putin gave them an offer they couldn't refuse.
Convergence theory. The bastards were right!
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And, by gum, he is ready to bomb the village in order to save it!
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Idiots gotta blither.
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Left shmeft, hey, you need a rail system. Who are you going to for that?
Channeling Salk!👋👋👋👋
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Delorean? You have been living under a rock for the last 6 decades if you think the US ever left McCarthyism behind!
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Hey I was once a member of the Merry Marvel Marching Society. I can remember when Marvel was cutting edge. Never thought it would turn into this Establishment drech.
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When it comes to Wilson the other important point to make is that the racist SOB drafted US citizens and forced them to die in a useless war that the Democratic party rah rahs to this day.
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Biblical tie-in here?
Great, but why no biopic about Frederick Douglass?
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Actually the oppressors have a lot of collaborators.
Takes his paid family leave while his party reneges on its promise to extend such leave to working Americans Tone deaf? Not much.
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Whole mess has me feeling real Weimar.
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Shouldn't those guys be driving trucks back on "The Sceptered Isle"?