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Inappropriate, Annoying Limericks & other unnecessary remarks on short notice

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Replying to @RonFilipkowski
Fantastic analysis
No...But, anatastic fanalysis should be considered.
Well, Charlie should know that sometimes you have to pay for quality lunacy. Too few GOP yappers working free. Big Don Trump can help him find some *Rental Lunatics* . He used to pay $50 per dolt for a crowd
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❄️ Charlie’s feelings got hurt. ❄️
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Hey! Sqooowiggly Matt Gaetz & the Bonehead Five! Uh dancin’ ParANcin’- creatin’ a jive They got a Naugahyde mahogany MAGAGA Callin’ Holleree Yo! Here they come now..Step aside! Keep a hand on your wallet! Watch 'em go out with the tide!
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Here is a list of Senators who believe LGBTQ Americans should be treated like second-class citizens.
A truer statement has never been made.
Donald Trump is repulsive.
We are soo glad the nice lady clarified it all! Now, if you are looking for a good holiday gift for a bright person-Consider *God is not great- Religion spoils everything* by Christopher Hitchens
Woman gives a dire apocalyptic warning to Maricopa Supervisors if they certify the election.
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Replying to @eefjerammeloo
I am in awe. China has some of the most, if not the most, sophisticated facial recognition cameras and tech in the world, and these folks are protesting for democracy with no masks. (not that masks would likely save them from being recognized by the tech for long) Incredible!
If this is true about Ms Browns final employment with Elon Musk, It points to the danger of letting wealthy individuals rule slices of our economy, & culture. Elon Musk seems to gravitate towards feudalism regarding personnel issues. "Trumpish" mindset
"I am terrified of him running in 2024" – Stephanie Grisham 😳🙄
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I stand in strong support of Ukraine. I think you may be misattributing blame at this point. The Biden administration is at a delicate time politically. The Georgia race will have huge implications for what the current administration is able to accomplish in 2 years abroad.
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The Biden admin is falling off the pace. The EU has declared Russia a terror state, long past due, and the US must do the same. More and better weapons must be sent. Ukrainians are dying every hour as Russia bombards civilians. Where is the leadership? 4/7
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Mr Musks description of the fair, decent town square that bans incitement to harm, but allows etc X10 is the daydream of well fed men thru out history. The origins of monarchy are therein embedded. Simply add time, greed & unexpected events.
Thank you for clarifying. So if Donald Trump is found in a civil court to have incited violence, you will suspend his account?
This is the superior point of several good ones made. Just as low quality candidates can get party endorsements & lose big, so can appointees be of lower quality and just not pan out
It's not the Trump effect. It's the fact that when it mattered, Jerome Adams remained silent, especially as a medical professional, during a massive pandemic that was being recklessly mismanaged.
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Never forget: Donald Trump told his Chief of Staff that he wanted the US Military to behave more like "German Generals" from Hitler's army. Trump also said there were "very fine people" at a neo-Nazi rally. And this week, Trump hosted a Holocaust-denier for dinner at Mar-a-Lago.
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Seems lively! I like it as a musical.
Ted Cruz is the kid you didn’t want to invite to your sleepover but his mom complained, so he shows up and shits the bed then rolls around in it and sleepwalks all over your moms house before crawling into your sisters bed, so your dad has to drive a shit covered kid home at 3am.
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I’m grateful for Ukraine’s fortitude. Through their sacrifice they defend the world order that allows America to prosper. I’m also saddened that the civilian population is forced to suffer in the cold and dark because the western world refuses to do more to help. Slava Ukraini!
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We cannot allow Erdogan to avoid accountability for his continued aggression in Syria. His intentional actions led to civilian casualties and endangered the lives of U.S. personnel. Calling for deescalation is not enough. It’s past time we reevaluate our relationship with Turkey.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s forces launched air, drone and artillery strikes on northeast Syrian towns and cities for a fourth day Wednesday. Some 18 civilians have been killed in the attacks, according to the U.S.-backed force in the area.
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NEW STUDY: Legalizing marijuana is "not significantly related" to youth use "Youth who spent more of their adolescence under legalization were no more or less likely to have used cannabis...than adolescents who spent little or no time under legalization"…