It’s National #PostalWorkersDay

Dec 13, 2021 · 12:28 PM UTC

Replying to @LindsayHoyle_MP
Dear Sir Lindsay, Are you aware of the appallingly flippant, disrespectful & unprofessional behaviour shown by Jacob Rees-Mogg in response to a valid question (we'd all like an answer) from Ms Anderson in the House of Commons.
Me: "Can we have a debate on the impact of Brexit and a region by region report?" Rees-Mogg: "Brexit prayer...Brexit song...Gloria in excelsis Deo...happy fish." This is the level of debate I've come to expect from this Government 🤦‍♀️ @BestForBritain @Femi_Sorry @Scientists4EU
Replying to @LindsayHoyle_MP
Yeah, I waited in all day for a parcel from the Royal Mail. I understand it's Christmas but if they can text me to tell me it's coming, they could text me to tell me it's not. What a complete waste of a day.
Replying to @LindsayHoyle_MP
Can you get @DesmondSwayne to correct his falsehoods he said in the HoC
Tory MP Desmond Swayne: “Not withstanding the carnage on our roads - certainly killing more people than Covid at the moment - some of us still decide to drive” Deaths on UK roads in past two years - 2,850 Deaths from Covid in past two years - 146,477