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This could be to Russia what Suez was to Great Britain, the realization that they’re not a superpower anymore. #UkraineInvasion
I hope I’m wrong but @packers might not even make the playoffs for a decade now. Followed the @Saints by spending money on an aging QB with 1 x ring and came up with zilch #GoPackGo
Anyone who puts @PatrickMahomes in the same level as @AaronRodgers12 after his regression to the mean year is a Numpty. #GoPackGo
The most talented QB of all time
Aaron Rodgers this season: ▪️ 513 passes ▪️ 35 touchdowns ▪️ 4 interceptions If he has 0 interceptions on Sunday, it would be the third time in his career he's thrown 500+ passes for 4 or less INTs. No other QB has done it once. 🤯
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Three straight NFC North division titles for the @Packers! Green Bay is playoff-bound. #NFLPlayoffs #GoPackGo
Staying up here in Cressona, PA, USA more in hope than expectation, I’m scared that if I give in to sleep then we’ll have a deluge of wickets at the end of the day!! Get Involved… via @BBCSport
Give it Keano till the end of the season #mufc
I guess God wasn’t a Seahawks fan today #GoPackGo
All you need is Rodgers, not Love #GoPackGo
Amazing video. Rodgers is gonna take us to the toilet bowl!! Let’s hope @jordan3love is gonna take us to the Super Bowl!!
The real travesty of last night is that Brian Gutekunst wasn’t able to field a question about Jordan Love bringing the Packers to the toilet bowl when Aaron Rodgers could bring them to the Super Bowl.
Considering all the heartaches we’ve had with OT coin toss losses, it’s pretty incredible that our last 2 wins against the Bengals have been won in OT with us losing the coin toss! #packers
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"Watch as much film as you can, but do not watch any #Packers film." -Carson Palmer explains why he'd advise Young QBs to not watch any film of Aaron Rodgers Carson's full appearance:…
Take that San Francisco!! I fucking hate that dirty city and dirty state!! #GoPackGo
Aaron Charles Rodgers is not human #GoPackGo